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How do you get the toadstools on 'Sims Makin' Magic'?

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Getting Toadstools

You have to buy them from Todd in Magic Town locations. Save up your Magicoins by performing magic on stage or in duels or by charming a snake.


you get a toad stool from buy mode (it's under seats and then other) and sit on it alot and pick them from your lot or you can buy them with magicoins.

Another way to get Toadstools

Another way is from Toads themselves, say like theres a sim that's annoying you, you can turn them into a Toad if you know the spell and Toadstools may show up some places where Toad/Sim go, they will change back though

Another way

You can also do this.

When the 'Mystery Man' comes at the start of each game, he gives you a box with 'Toadstools' inside. To get lots of them and lots of ingredients AND magic coins, once he has dropped the box, click on 'Buy Mode' or 'Story Mode'. Then, hold down the CTRL button, the SHIFT button and the C button. Then a little grey-blue-green box pops up at the top-left corner. The type this EXACT message (between the')(DO NOT write ') - 'prepare_lot', then, click back to 'Live' mode and he will give you another box. You can only do this once at a time (you can't use prepare_lot more than once in every 'Paused' time frame). This also works with the NEWSPAPERS.

2011-09-13 04:06:29
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Q: How do you get the toadstools on 'Sims Makin' Magic'?
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