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Sorry about the problem, andf I hope it hasn't been two weeks since you started. There are 8 screws that hold it down. Look right in the center area and you will find 2 recessed areas that are hiding the screws. They are the same size as the others.

I have the same problem with a 97 exp. All 8 screws are off and the intake body loose, but the egr tube will not come off. I am afraid to pry to much but can't find any fastener holding the tube to the intake.

How do you get the upper intake body off a 1997 exployer after all 8 screws have been removed the egr tube is holding it on

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:38:05
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Q: How do you get the upper intake manifold off of a 98 Ford Explorer when the only thing that is attached is the EGR tube?
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Where is the egr valve located on an 1985 dodge ram charger?

right hand side of the carburretor little round thing attached to intake manifold with vacuum hose on it

Will the lsx intake manifold fit your vortec tbi 5.3?

no such thing as a vortec 5.3 tbi

Where is the mass air flow sensor on a 1997 Oldsmobile LSS?

Right where the intake hose attaches to the engine, between the bellowed tube and the intake manifold thing.

Where is the throttle position sensor on 1992 Mazda mx3?

It's Attached to the throttle body on the side that's facing you when you pop the hood open. The throttle body is in between the intake manifold (The black plastic thing on the right) and the engine.

What is the difference between a wet intake manifold and a dry intake manifold?

ive never heard of suck a thing. they could be referring to rather air (dry) or wet (gas) is going threw it. if its not that, then they are talking about NOS, which i dont know much about lol

Where is the PCV valve located on a 1997 Nissan Altima?

The PCV valve is located at the rear of the engine under the intake manifold. It screws into a metal box separate from the engine and about an inch behind it. There is no way to get a wrench onto it. You can find the valve by following a vacuum hose that comes from a rail attached by the bolts that hold the manifold to the head. I don't know how Nissan techs get the thing off unless there is a special wrench. It looks like the intake manifold would have to come off. I found the thing by going to Nissan and looking at their parts diagram on their parts computer.

Where is the manifold ablsolute pressure sensor located on 2006 ford f350?

It's located on the passenger side firewall area by the a/c air dryer (long round canister looking thing). It has a hose attached to it that goes to the intake manifold. Chances are the sensor is good and ur turbo is stuck and needs cleaning. Good luck.

Where is a fuel pressure releif valve for a Lincoln mark vii?

You must be talking about the fuel pressor regulator valve? It is located towards the rear of the intake manifold on the fuel rail that is attached to all the fuel injectors. It is a round thing with a vacuum hose attached to the top and is bolted on with 3 small bolts through a flange on the bottom of it...

Where is the Intake air temp sensor on a 96 model jeep Cherokee sport 40 straight 6?

its a 2 wire sensor on the intake manifold, cast aluminum thing on where the throttle body sits. its a 2 wire sensor, the only one on that manifold! got it? good!

Where is the intake manifold on a 1992 Chevy Suburban?

Read closely. The air filter houseing sets on top of the thing that looks like a carburetor / Throttle body injection houseing. And that is bolted to the INTAKE MANIFOLD with 3 bolts. The intake is the BIG item that is bolted on the center of the engine between the valve covers. I hope you understand now.

Location of pcv 1998 Subaru Forester?

PCV valve is at the top of the engine behind the coil. It screws into the intake manifold and has a hose attached to the other end. It looks like it is just an adapter fitting for the hose, so go get the new one and replace the thing that looks like it.

Where is the intake manifold located on a 2000 Hyundai sonata v6 engine?

um on top of the engine. the air filter is in a black box that has a plastic tube rouchly 3 inches in diameter varying with engine size and model. that tube lead right into a big metal thing called and intake manifold

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