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How do you get the warehouse key in Pokemon pearl?

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How do you get the key to the warehouse in Pokemon pearl?

Go to Veilstone City and go into the Galactic Warehouse

Where is the key to unlock the warehouse doors in Pokemon pearl?

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Were do you get the galatic team headquarters key on Pokemon pearl ds?

In the galactic warehouse.

Where the key card in Pokemon pearl?

in the basement of the galactic warehouse in veilstone city

Where is the key in Pokemon pearl team galactic warehouse?

The Galactic Grunt in Pastoria City has it. You need to bet the Gym to get it.

On Pokemon platinum where do you get the key to the galatic warehouse in veilstone?

Looker will meet you at the warehouse and he will have the key.

Where is the galactic key in pearl?

In the Galactic warehouse. 0.0

What does the secret key do on Pokemon Pearl?

The secret key does nothing on Pokemon Pearl but it does change Rotoms form on Pokemon Platinum.

Where to get fly in pokemon pearl?

You get Fly in the Team Galactic Warehouse.

Where is Fly in Pokemon Pearl?

In the galactic warehouse in vailstone city

Where is the key in Pokemon pearl?

which key there are a ton

Where do you find the dusk stone on Pokemon pearl?

in the team galictic Warehouse

How do you get the move fly on Pokemon pearl?

in veilstone city in the galactic warehouse.

Where do you get the special key in Pokemon Diamond?

The Special Key is a key item in Pokemon Diamond. You can find this item in a warehouse in Veilstone City.

How do you get into the team galactic hideout in Pokemon pearl?

you have to complete the lake section first then receive the galactic key then you enter the galactic HQ via the warehouse complex

Where do you get the key to face Cyrus in Pokemon Platinum?

in the galactic warehouse

Where do you get the Galactic Key on Pokemon Diamond?

you have to go into the warehouse and beat everyone there to get the galatic key

Where is the team Galactic key in diamond and pearl for the warehouse?

talk to the guy outside of the galatic base he will drop the key on mustake

In Pokemon platinum Were is the key to the team galactic hideout?

In the warehouse in Veilstone

Where to get galantic key in Pokemon diamond?

in galictic warehouse in veilstone city.

Where do you use the galactic key in Pokemon diamond?

you use it in the warehouse i think

How do you get the rot om key in Pokemon pearl?

you cant get the key in d/p but you can get it in Pokemon platinum

Is there something you have to do before you see the grunt that drops the key in front of the Galactic Warehouse on Pokemon Pearl?

yes you have to beat the gym leader at snowpoint city and go to lake veity

Where is the exact location of the key in petalberg's gym in Pokemon perla not on pearl?

where is the exact location of the key to open the petalberg's gym in pokemon perla not on pearl?

Where is team galactic warehouse in Pokemon platinum?

The warehouse is in Veilstone city. It's towards the back of the town. Before you go in, you have to find the warehouse key.