How do you get the water pump out of 1993 buick park ave to replace it?

You must take off the motor mount in front of the water pump. After that the pump is easy to remove Remember that by taking off the motor mount something else must support the engine. A short piece of 2X6 or wider on a hydraulic jack will support the engine by placement under the oil pan. A wheeled jack is best and you might need to jack the entire front end up to work under it (provide tool room). Use chocks (blocks) behind the rear wheels, jack up the front end (or a corner) taking care to pick a part of the integral frame to jack upon. If you have an auto leveling system either remove the battery (best) , the negative ground cable (good) or pull the fuse out of the panel that makes a circuit for the leveling system(minimim). Otherwise it will try to level itself as soon as you jack it up. Sometimes the water pump bolt will not have enough room to unscrew all the way and will have to be sacrificed (cut). Cut off enough to clear but leave enough to grab with Vise Grips and complete the unscrewing. Get a new bolt from the dealer or Home Depot has Grade 8 bolts but you'll probably have to cut it to length and use a die to cut the threads (long enough to tighten the pump--if you don't know the tricks on how to do this get a bolt--even if from a junk yard. When putting on the new pump you need a gasket and some gasket sealer (assume you drained the coolant) Put the sealer on both sides of the new gasket with your fingers pinching the new gasket w/gob of sealer. Work the new gasket w/sealer into place (tight and semi blocked). Make sure surface receiving gasket is scraped clean and is dry (no coolant). Work the new pump into place and hand tighten bolts before sealer dries out. Pick a crossing pattern for tightening the bolts and torque them into place. (usually a good idea to clean threads on wire wheel or chase with die) Bolts are long and thin so be careful not to twist off. (About 29 ft. lbs when in good shape)