How do you get the webcam and mic to work on chatroulette?

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Webcam work for xbox?

Answer . yes, the webcam specifically designed for the 360 will work, I have one myself

How does a webcam work?

A peice of software in the computer "grabs" Still frames and creates a Jpg file..

How do you get the mic to work on rock band?

Plug it in to the console's USB port, you also need to have a regular old controller on too to navigate the menus. If the controller isn't on the game won't recognize the mic.. that answer is true. -jdl369

My Webcam Monitor doesn't work?

There are many reasons as to why a webcam monitor doesn't work.Most likely it is due to the software being outdated orincompatibility.

Where i can find Infinity 6 led webcam driver download without mic?

hi, there are a number of webcams on the market that match that description, so it will impossible to link you to a driver that will definatly work, your best option is to take a small screwdriver and open it up, don't worry, it will be relitivly simple inside with only a small board, and nothing th ( Full Answer )

How do you get the webcam on the toshiba satellite work?

If your talking about taking picz and stuff then move you mouse in edges in your screen if theres a thingy that pops up like saying toshiba or some thing click it you can even take picz of what your doing too its fun! ☺

How does your webcam work on Linux messenger?

There is no "Linux messenger." There are several clients available for Linux, however. The most popular one, Pidgin, does not support webcams. aMSN (for Windows Live Messenger) and Kopete (for all protocols) does. Virtually all webcams are supported out of the box in the Linux kernel, so no extra ( Full Answer )

Why doesn't my webcam work?

Make sure that: 1. The webcam, if it is external to your computer, is plugged in. 2. Make sure you have installed any drivers that mya have come with your webcam or computer. 3. Make sure the application you are using supports webcams. The webcam light will not turn on until something is trying to ( Full Answer )

Why wont your webcam work on msn?

Go to Tools then Audio and Video Set Up !! And then from the drop down menu click ur webcam !! Hope i helped :-)

Why will your webcam not work on msn?

You can set up your webcam by settings just follow the link to show you . . . .

Do webcams work on laptops?

Yes. Any webcam that connects through a standard connection (like USB or FireWire) can be used on any webcam that has those connectors.

What webcams work on Linux?

Most webcams work under Linux; it would be very difficult to provide a complete list. This is because support for cameras is based on the chipset they are using, not the name of the actual manufacturer. Most cameras from Logitech, Aiptek, Kodak, Mustek, and Polaroid should work.

How do you get your mic to work in FL Studio?

Your microphone should be automatically recognized by your system as an input device. To record from your mic to FL Studio directly, you need to load the Edison plugin and record with that. It's a small and useful audio editor. What you record can be edited in Edison and added to the project automat ( Full Answer )

Does an xbox360 mic work for a computer?

It depends on the brand and model. Some do, some don't. Read the specifications of the headset before buying. Some Xboxheadsets work on Playstation too. Just read the box.

Why doesnt webcam work on msn?

Webcams do not work with MSN for Mac because Microsoft didn't put a feature in for using webcams, alternatively you can use an online IM client to connect to your MSN account and use webcam via that service. Meebo is a free one, try it!

How do you get the mic to work on band hero?

my family has a wii so i think there is a slot in the back you can hook it into, but i have my older brother do it normally so im not 100% sure sorry.

How do you work built-in webcam i have no idea?

If you have an HP then go to HP Media Smart. Your HP should come with it. Once you bring it up you'll find the picture that says webcam. Click on it and it will bring up everything you can do with your webcam. If you don't have an HP go to My Computer and do a search for webcam. A few things will ( Full Answer )

Does the Cisco VT II webcam have a mic?

No. Cisco VT Camera II Specifications You can enhance communications, simplify installation, and reduce administrative support requirements with the included Cisco VT Camera II (see figure 4); its specifications follow:. • 640 x 480 Video Graphics Array (VGA) sensor for improved video qualit ( Full Answer )

How do you get webcam max to work on Skype?

What's needed first is a webcam hooked up to a computer, but if onecan have one built it thats fine but once that's done, a person caneither webcam call them on the camera icon or call them and pressthe camera icon while calling people.

You plugged your webcam in but its not working?

i tryed to down load the cisco vt camera 11.but when it was trying to install on my computer it said could not find a program.what should i do..or is there something i should do .im running windows vista...

What is ChatRoulette?

ChatRoulette is a free video chatting service that connects you with random strangers across the globe. Launched in November 2009, it was created by a Russian teenager. Users sign on and are instantly connected with another user's video feed. They can choose to chat with them (audio or typing) or ( Full Answer )

Why is ChatRoulette not working?

Launched in November 2009, ChatRoulette experienced a surge in traffic in February 2010 after newspapers and blogs publicized the service. The website traffic got so high that the website required to make some bigger servers. Its creator, a teenager in Russia, said he never expected this much tra ( Full Answer )

How inspiron 6400 mic works?

The Inspiron 6400 has no built-in mic, as it has no webcam built-in. It has a jack to plug in an external microphone.

How do you get your webcam to work on a Fujitsu tablet?

I cannot get the webcam on a Samsung Galaxy Tab to work through MSN Windows Live Messenger because all the apps available from the Android Market do NOT have a button for the webcam function. Yahoo Mess. supports webcam chat on tablet , but MSN Mess. does not.

How do you work the webcam on a Mac?

The Mac's built in webcam is controlled by software. Applications such as PhotoBooth or iMovie (found in the Mac's Applications folder) can be used to record video with the webcam. Software such as iChat (also in the Applications folder) can be used to set up video chat sessions with other users. Ma ( Full Answer )

Why iPad mic not working?

If your Ipad is set in an upright position ( eg when used in the common alarm clock / speaker sets) the microphone becomes quickly clogged with dust. This can be improved a little by using an air dust can, but due to the small holes of the grill this will not work satisfactorily. Its a design flaw a ( Full Answer )

Does a webcam work with the iPad?

No. The iPad does not support any USB devices including microphones, webcams, and flash drives. However the next iPad may have two cameras built in.

Does logitech webcam work on Macs?

All Apple computers except the Mini Mac & Mac Pro have a builtin Webcam. Logitech builds webcams that are Mac compatible. Justmake sure the one you buy is.

Why is your Mac webcam not working on manroulette?

The ManRoulette website uses Flash to connect with the webcam. The Mac needs to have the latest version of Flash Player installed (See links below) and permission has to be granted for the website to access the camera.

How do you make your webcam work on your computer?

Yellowpages Member says: Just plug in your webcam, Install the software given with it and boom! Ready! Tried that? Keep your webcam plugged in to your USB drive and install Debut Video Capture ( or Install Webcam Max.

Do webcams work on iPod touches?

Only if you have the camera. You can use FaceTime, an app that comes with the iPod with camera. You can video chat with other iPod touch users or with people on computers with FaceTime.

How do you get your mic on my laptop to work on camstudio?

It automatically detect the mic.If its not working then there might be no mic in the laptop.If there is then there is some problem and you can install mic drivers for that.You can either buy a new mic.

How do you get your webcam to work in Windows 7?

By following the directions that came with it for getting it to work in Windows 7. If you have an old webcam, it simply may not have a driver for Windows 7, in which case you're probably out of luck.

How does the mic work on Guitar Hero?

Make sure the console is turned off first, then plug the microphone into the console's USB port. Then turn the game on and use a controller to navigate.

How do you work the webcam on a Mac on the internet?

The built-in camera on a Mac is controlled by software so, for example, to chat over the Internet you would use the Facetime, iChat, Skype or similar software. To view the camera remotely while you are away from the Mac you could use software such as EvoCam or ImageCaster.

Why does my built-in webcam not work?

this can be for many reasons such as software issues or hardware try reinstalling the software for the webcam such as the drivers also look for updates to software off the manufactures website if all that fails it may be a software issue

How do you get your built in webcam to work on apple?

The Mac's built in web cam is controlled by software so launching PhotoBooth, iChat, FaceTime or iMovie, all of which come with a Mac, will activate the camera. There are numerous other applications, such as Skype, Messenger etc., that will use the camera.

Do PS3 webcams work on PC?

Yes, they can work on PC. However, you have to download and install a certain program to do so. This will enable the PSEye to be compatible with the PC

Why doesn't my webcam work on omegle?

Sometimes, a webcam does not work on Omegle because there could besome suspicions that you are trying to use a fake camera. Somescammers use fake cameras so that they can dupe other Omegle users.

How do you get volume on webcam to work?

The volume comes from the microphone not the webcam. Unless the webcam has a built in microphone. But even then it's still registered as a microphone and all the volume settings and controls will be in your sound and volume options with the other recording and playback audio controls