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How do you get the windows of a 1996 Firebird to roll up if they quit working once they are down?


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2007-08-15 04:09:12
2007-08-15 04:09:12

The first thing I would check is the switch and motor (if they are power windows which most late model Firebirds are) if it is burned out, a replacement will be necessary. A more likey possibility is that the window simply went off it's track, after it went down. This is most likely if the windows were working fine. Use a screwdriver to revove the door panels from the inside and remove the plastic sheet to access the window and hardware, be careful however, because the plastic protects your cars electrical work from dirt and moisture Ok, what he said above is true, but unless it dropped or clearly jammed, its probably not off the track. I recently changed out the motor on my 92, and I will warn you, its EXTREMELY HARD. Once you do it, you will see why a shop wants around $200 labor for it. I heard that in 94 they started making them with nylon pulleys and belts (always trying to come up with something cheaper), so it might not be that hard. Basically, buy a new motor, have someone hold the glass up while you detach the motor/regulator assembly from the door, then work it out of the door the best you can (it will take a while, a long while) then replace the old motor with the new one (if there was a tensioner spring, make sure before you put it back in that the tension is in the right direction, you dont want to have to take that sucker out again). Put it back in the door, reattach it, and there you go, just make sure its the way you found it.


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