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How do you get through mt coronet in platinum?

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This answer is only for people who have gotten to the cave in Mt.Coronet where they meet a Galactic Grunt who is lost and has no Pokemon.After battling all the grunts in that cave who do have Pokemon,get out of the cave and you'll notice a full scale of rocks that point to the left.After using Rock Climb,go to any cave you find.Battle all the grunts in that cave and move on until you make it to Cyrus who is in Spear Pillar,where you'll battle against two grunts and Commanders Mars and Jupiter.

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Where are the two mt coronets in Pokemon platinum?

there is only one mt coronet but there are four entrances. you can get to the top of mount coronet through the oreburgh entrance

Where is mt coronet in Pokemon FireRed?

Mt coronet is only in diamond or pearl or platinum not in firered.

What is in mt coronet?

atop mt coronet is dialga in diamond, palkia in pearl, or both and giratina in platinum.

Where will you meet the boss of teamgalatic in mt cornet at platinum because i am lost?

Use the big platinum book to help you find your way through Mt. Coronet

Where is the doorway in mt coronet on Pokemon platinum?

either at eterna city or harthome are two ways to get into mt. coronet

Where is Mt Coronet at in ruby?

Mt. Coronet is in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, not Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. You must be thinking about Mt. Pyre.

Where do you get Absol from in Platinum?

You can get Absol at the top of Mt. Coronet.

Where is Chimecho on Platinum?

get a chingling on mt coronet and evolve it

How do you get to spear pillar on platinum from sow point?

You have to get there by flying to Eterna City and going through Mt. Coronet.

Where can you catch a Dratini?


How do you get absol on platinum?

go to mt, coronet and look around.

How do you catch feebas in platinum?

you have to go to mt coronet and fish

Where can you find chimecho on platinum?

In Turnback cave and Mt Coronet.

What mountain in Pokemon platinum?

Mt. Coronet and stark mountain

How can you get loudred in platinum?

Mt. coronet outside use pokeradar.

How do you evolve magneton in platinum?

level magneton in mt coronet.

Where do you get absol on platinum?

you have to go to a peak of mt. coronet it is very hard to find but it is a certain peak of coronet.

How do i get through mt coronet if i don't have rock climb yet?

Well you don't even need it if your playing pokemon platinum

Where can you catch nosepass on Pokemon platinum?

you catch nosepass at mt. coronet

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