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How do you get to Faraway Island where you can catch Mew on Pokemon?


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Getting to Faraway Island

THIS WILL WORK. IVE DONE IT 11 TIMES.You will need:GBA/SPAction replay MAX Duo GBA/DSPokemon Emerald version

Go to LILYCOVE CITY, Run to the FERRY DOCK, DO NOT ENTER THE FERRY DOCK,Just SAVE your game outside the FERRY DOCK. Turn off the GBA/SP. Insert the action replay max duo and put in the code:8DEB234A 4C8DC5ECStart the game. Now walk into the entrance of the FERRY DOCK.NOW SAVE YOUR GAME!!!Turn off the GBA/SP. Remove the action replay max duo. Start your game. Walk staight into the bushes in front of you.You will see mew. He will hide in the grass. His tail will be sticking out of the grass. He is playing tag. Go after him and click the A button on him, he will face you.