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How do you get to Gary at the Silph Co. building on Pokemon FireRed?

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getting to Garyyou get the card key - 6th floor then u unlock any doors you see until you get to a hallway then theres Gary or your araval.
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Q: How do you get to Gary at the Silph Co. building on Pokemon FireRed?
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Where do you get a masterball in pokemon firered?

In Pokemon FireRed, the Masterball is obtained by defeating Giovani and the Rockets in th Silph Co. building in Saffron City. (Once Giovani is defeated, the president of Silph Co. rewards you with the Masterball)(warning)you also have to defeat GaryThe masterball is given by the president of silph get the master ball at the top of the tower in saffron city from the president guy. you must beat the team rocket boss to get it.

Where do you fight Gary in saffron in FireRed?

Silph Co on the 7th floor.

Pokemon FireRed where do you find Gary in safron city?

After you obtain the Card Key, go to 3F of Silph co. Open the locked door to your left. Step on the warp panel. There's Gary [or your rival].

Where did Gary go In Pokemon FireRed?


Pokemon fire red what Pokemon does Gary have in silph co?

Gary's team in the silph co building are as followed: Lvl 37 Pidgeot Lvl 35 exeggcute Lvl 40 starter Lvl 38 growlithe Lvl 35 Alakazam

Where is gary in Silph Co in pokemon fire red?

in celadon city

Get to Gary at silph co?

no you will not meet Gary at the Silph Co. you will be battling Giovanni there.

How do you to the top silph co building Pokemon Yellow?

at the 5th floor go in the portal and come out then get the key and battle Gary. After that go in the teleporter and battle jessie and james and the director

How do you get a lapras in Pokemon Yellow?

After you have defeated Gary at Silph Co. talk the nearest guy to you and he gives you a Lapras.

How do you get lapras in Pokemon LeafGreen?

after defeating gary at silph co , talk to the guy in the room. he will give you lapras

Where is the pokemon league in Pokemon FireRed?

it is to the left of viridian city-where you defeat Gary for the first time

How do you get to Gary at the Pokemon league in Pokemon firered version?

defeat the Elite Four at the indigo league

What are the elite four in Pokemon FireRed?

lorreann, Bruno ,agatha, lance and Gary

What Pokemon does Red own in FireRed?

The same Pokemon as you, as you are Red in Fire Red. Your rival is Blue/Gary.

How do you get lapras in Pokemon Yellow?

I have blue, so I might be wrong... Beat Gary in silph Co. and talk to the person in the room.

How do you get a lampras in Pokemon LeafGreen?

its in silph co, when u fight finish gary(your rival) you talk to the man and he will give you lapras

Where do you get cut from in Pokemon FireRed?

on the s.s anne after you beat Gary go see the captian and he will give it to you

Who is the elite four in firered?

Lorelei- ice Pokemon Bruno- rock Pokemon Agatha- physic/ghost Pokemon Lance- Dragon Pokemon Last your rival Gary

How do you get team rocket out of saffaron city in Pokemon firered?

you need to get into silph co, and You have to beat Gary at the floor below where the presidents at then you have to beat Giovoni (again) because he's trying to steal the master ball from the president. Then team rocket retreats and the president gives you the master ball.

How do you catch a lapras in Pokemon LeafGreen?

When you rescue silph co you fight Gary or what ever you named him then talk to the other guy and he gives you a lapras.

Where does Gary go after beating him in Silph Co in Pokemon leafgreen?

He will be to the left of viridian city but only after beating all 8 gym leaders.

How do you open the saffron gym in Pokemon fire red?

Defeat Gary and Giovanni in the Silph Company Tower. The leader will give you a Master Ball.

Where is gary in Pokemon FireRed?

Gary is basically your rival in the game which you can name whatever you want: John, Jack, Blue, Green, Apple or whatever you want.

Pokemon FireRed how to play as Gary?

u cant only by hack cheat or playing a hack of the game

How do you beat Gary in silph co?

Well if Gary is your rival than it depends on what starter you pick but he has the same Pokemon but his squirtle or charmander or bulbasuar is now at the third prestige blastoice or charizard or venisuar.