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You just have to surf to the right of Lilycove city. If you can't because wailord is in the way, you probably need to go to mt. Pyre. If you've already done that, then probably go Slateport and go to the place where the ships are. There should be a big croud outside the it. If nobody's there, don't bother going inside....

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How do you get to Mossdeep City after beating Winona in Pokemon Emerald?

You have to cross the water. There are two things to do before that. YOu have to beat your rival at the MegaMart in Lilycove and to beat the Team Aqua from their base at the shore of Lilycove.

What to do after beating winona on emerald?

Head to lilycove city then surf east to mossdeep city go into the gym and defeat the leaders for badge #7. Finally one more to go, go into steven's house which is in mossdeep city talk to him to get the HM Dive use it to reach sootopolis city this is where the last gym is!

What do you do after beating mossdeep gym in Pokemon sapphire?

You explore the dive spots and find sootopolis city and seafloor cavern.

Where is mossdeep city in Pokemon pearl?

Mossdeep City is in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

Where is the seventh gym in Pokemon ruby?

Mossdeep cityit is in mossdeep

Where is mossdeep city in Pokemon platinum?

Mossdeep is in Hoenn not Sinnoh

Where is hm dive on Pokemon ruby?

After beating tate and liza head to steven's house in mossdeep city he will give you the HM Dive.

Where to go after beating magma at spacecentre?

To Steven's house in Mossdeep City.

In Pokemon Emerald after getting to Mossdeep City and beating the gym what do you do if Team Magma is not in the spaceport?

You have to beat the gym leader first... then you'll find them there.

Where to catch Beldum in Pokemon?

After beating the E4, go to Steven's house in Mossdeep City and a Pokeball is on the table in the house. Take it. Inside will be Beldum.

How do you get to mossdeep city in Pokemon Ruby?

you have to

Were is 7gym Pokemon?

mossdeep city

What city do you get dive from in Pokemon emerald?

mossdeep city dhoom

What is the order of gyms in Pokemon omega ruby?

The Gyms are Roxanne in Rustboro City, Brawly in Dewford City, Wattson in Mauville City, Flannery in Lavaridge City, Norman in Petalburg City, Winona in Fortree City, the twins Liza and Tate in Mossdeep City, and Wallace in Sootopolis City.

How do you get to mossdeep city on Pokemon?

You have to get the HM move dive and sail over to Mossdeep or Sootopolis from either Lilycove city or Slateport.

How do you fly to mossdeep in Pokemon ruby?

You have to surf there first. From Lilycove City, you surf to the right till you reach Mossdeep City.

How do you get to mossdeep city on Pokemon sapphire?

You have to surf from LILYCOVE city to the right

How do you get to mossdeep city in pokemon emarald?

Surf east from lilycove city.

Were is steven house in Pokemon ruby?

in mossdeep city

Where is the space center pokemon emerald?

Mossdeep City.

Where does Steven live in Pokemon Sapphire?

Mossdeep city.

Where is the space station in Pokemon ruby?

in mossdeep city

Where is the 7th gym in Pokemon sapphire?

Mossdeep City

Where is the 7th gym on pokemon sapphire?


Where is the space center in Pokemon Sapphire?

in the city mossdeep