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Get the Mystic Ticket by a GameShark, Codebreaker and all cheat devices, im sorry if you don't have those things you cant get Lugia, Ho-oh and Deoxys speed form who are on islands Eight and Nine.

AnswerTo get to Nine island, as said above, you need the Mystic Ticket which is said to be available from a Nintendo Event or linking together with another version that has Mystery Card/Wonder News (also known as Mystery Gift).
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Q: How do you get to Nine Island in Pokemon?
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Can you get to island nine on Pokemon LeafGreen?

of course!

How do you get to eight and nine island in pokemon firered?

It is a event

How do you get to Island Eight and Nine in Pokemon FireRed?

u had to be in the special Pokemon event

How do you get to 8 and 9 island in pokemon fire red?

Eight Island and Nine Island don't exist.

Where is naval rock in pokemon emerald?

i thougt navel rock was Pokemon leaf green and fire red. (navel rock = nine island)

How can you go to eight and nine island in Pokemon firered without a gameshark?

Sorry but its not possible without cheats.

What islands do you unlock by getting each pass in Pokemon?

birth island and navel rock and eight and nine islands.

How do you unlock nine island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Nine Island (Birth Island) is a small rock with a triangle on it. You solve a puzzle and get Deoxys. To get there, you can cheat ("Warp to" codes, or codes for the item you use to get there) or you can do it the way with an e-reader. If you are interested in either, you should probably see an instructional video or step by step instructions, as I have never been on the island.

Where is seventh Island on Pokemon?

Seven Island of the Sevii Islands is nestled between Five Island and Six Island, which is weird, because Seven Island, being the last of the numbered islands (not including Eight or Nine Island), should come after Six Island on the map. But it doesn't. Hope I helped.

How do you catch national Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

After getting the national dex you can find national Pokemon around one island, two island, three island, four island, five island, six island and seven island.

How do you get to 4 Island in Pokemon?

You have to get the Rainbow Pass to get to 4 Island in Pokemon.

Where is Bellington island in Pokemon emerald?

there is no bellington island in Pokemon emerald

Where is mirage island in Pokemon Pearl?

Mirage island is not in Pokemon pearl.

Where on Pokemon white is there a Pokemon ball shop?

Shopping Mall Nine on route nine, or at a Pokemon Center. If you want a variety of Pokeballs, I suggest going to Shopping Mall Nine.

How do you get to fire island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cannot get to Fire Island on Pokemon LeafGreen. Fire Island is a setting exclusive to the second Pokemon movie, Pokemon the Movie 2000.

How can you get the nine island?

love you

What Pokemon appear on mirage island?

The only Pokemon on mirage island is wynaut

What Pokemon do you need to go to mirage island in Pokemon ruby?

you'll need a Pokemon that knows surf and a Pokemon that is mirage island sensitive but you don't know which Pokemon are, it is random. you can find out by going to the man in pacifidlog who is searching for mirage island. if he can see it, you have a Pokemon that is mirage island sensitive

Where is mirare island on Pokemon?

its an island in Pokemon emerald that rarelt ever shows up and its called mirage island

Where is the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon FireRed?

on Cinnabar Island.Pokemon mansion is on cinnabar island if you don't know how to get there go to pallet town then go south surfing on one of your Pokemon and there your at cinnabar island.

What island in the whirl island in Pokemon silver?

all of the island

How do you get to four island in Pokemon red?

You can't get to Four Island in Pokemon Red Version.

How do you get to 4 island -7 island in Pokemon FireRed?

Beat the pokemon league.

Where is white island in Pokemon white?

There is no such destination as 'White Island' in Pokemon Black and White.

How do you get to livingston island in Pokemon pearl?

there is no such island