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Q: How do you get to acuity lakefront with out rock climb and rock slide?
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In Pokemon Pearl how do you get the HM Rock Climb?

act like your going to the 7th gym leader then-behind the house there is a pokeball and that will give u the HM rock climb

Where to get a reaper clothe in platinum?

Go to the place where you can walk with your Pokemon and it's in one of the places. Town: Hearthome You can also get it at the Acuity Lakefront, Route 229, and at Turnback Cave

In Pokemon platinum how do you get to acuity lakefronf?

go to snowpoint city and go to the sailor. Dont talk to him. Go left to some stairs and it will get you to acuity lakefront. But to get to the lake, you'd have to go north until you can see a place that you can use rock climb. Use it. Go left until yo see a break in a tree. Go into that break and you will enter lake acuity

Why is there no rival at the lake acuity?

Did you go to the other lakes cause you need to go to lake acuity at the end and you need the HM rock climb.

Where is the lake acuity pearl?

Above the Snowpoint Temple. use rock climb to climb up. Legendary Figure : Uxie lv. 50

In Pokemon platinum where do you find the hidden move rock climb?

if u go down from lake acuity you should see a house and there is a pokeball beside it. it should have hm08 rock climb.

Which TM scales a wall in Pokemon diamond?

You have to get the HM (Hidden Move) 08 - "Rock Climb", this HM can be found behind the house on the left hand side of 217 (Mt Coronet to Lake Acuity Lakefront). You cannot use it outside of battle until you defeat Candice in Snowpoint.

How do you get the HM move rock roll in Pokemon platinum?

There isn't a hm called rock roll. Do you mean Rock Climb or Rock Smash? Rock Climb- Go to Snowpoint City, and go to the Acuity Lakefront. Keep going west through the grass until you see a wall where you need to use rock climb. There is a path just south of that. Go on that path.Turn left, and then go down. If you are on the right path, you should have seen a guy with blue hair and a karate guy. Keep going south until you find a house. Somewhere behind that house is a pokeball containing HMO8 Rock Climb. Rock Smash- Go to Oreburgh Gate. When you enter, there will be a hiker who talks to you, and then gives you HMO6 Rock Smash.

How do you get rock climb in platnium version?

You can find rock climb near snowpoint city to the left of it, beneath acuity lake front, it is behind a house in the middle of the snow storm. Hope tis helped!

What is the move called to move a boulder in Pokemon pearl?

in route 217 near acuity lakefront there is a house and right behind it there is a pokeball that looks like one of the ninjas but it isnt! this contains HM08 Rock Climb. in front of the house there is another pokeball this contains TM no. 7 Hail.

Where do you use rock climb at lake acuity?

In the very front or the right side of the cliff like area. Then there will be little dots on the wall where you can you it.

Where is the hiker who gives you Rock climb?

There is a house on route 217 that is towards lake acuity. Right of it is the HMO8 Rock Climb. You cant miss it. If you talk to the hiker inside the house, he will give you the icicle plate (for turning arceus into ice form).