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How do you get to and change the sparks plugs on a 2002 Grand Cherokee 4 liter?

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2015-07-15 20:53:02

If I remember right. You should have coil packs covering the

plugs. Look for screws holding the packs on. That should help to

get you started..

There will be four 1/2 inch bolts mounted on the top of the coil

pack. To tell you the truth it is easier if you take off the heater

hoses from the top of the coil pack since they are in the way

first. When you pull off the coil pack make sure to be aware that

it does have an electrical connection that will not let you pull

that coil pack to far from the spark plugs. Another recommendation

is to replace your coil boots since you already did all the job. I

really recommend for you to use champion spark plugs

(regular resistor).

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