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How do you get to be a captain for a airline like Southwest?

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Which airport has the most southwest airlines gates?

There are no statistics on which airline has the most Southwest airline gates. Chicago and Denver each have a large number of gates for this particular airline.

What colors are southwest airplanes?

Blue and Red are southwest airline colors

What is the cheapest airline?

definitly southwest

What is US main airline?


What airline is featured on the first season of the US reality show Airline?


Southwest is the best airline because consumers do not have to pay baggage fees.?

Southwest is the best airline because consumers do not have to pay baggage fees.

Who are southwest airline partners?

Southwest do not have any partners. They recently purchased AirTran.

What is the cheapest airline to fly out of Denver with?


How many destinations do Southwest Airlines service?

Southwest Airlines is a major airline in the USA, based in Texas. Southwest services 39 states, with 79 separate destinations. It is considered a low-cost airline.

The first airline to serve atlanta was?

Southwest Airlines

What airline did Southwest Airlines buy?

Airtran Airlines

What is the best airline in the us?

I think it's SOUTHWEST

What company makes Southwest airline planes?


Is the southwest airline still flying?

Yes. AirTran will most likely become a part of Southwest.

How safe is southwest airlines?

belive it or not but Southwest airlines stands as one of thoes airlines that didn't have a fatal accident. so its pretty any other airline.

What airline did southwest merge with?

Southwest bought AirTran Airways, the final merger will happen in early 2012

What is the mean of domestic airline?

A domestic airline is an airline that operates solely within one country. Such as Southwest Airlines, which only operates in the United States.

What airline flies to Boston?

Southwest Airlines flies to Boston.

Where can one make airline reservations online?

There are many ways to make an airline reservation online. Individual retailer websites like Southwest, American Airlines and Jetblue have their own procedure. Kayak and Hotwire also has the option to make an airline reservation.

What are the luggage restrictions for check in?

depends on the airline you are flying. Southwest is just about the only airline without checked bag fees.

Is southwest a good airline?

I would suppose so, your bags fly free!! Yep, they hand out airline peanuts and soda!

Where can you buy southwest airline tickets?

I want to buy tickets , help?

Does southwest airline fly to san angelo?

No, currently March 2012 they do not.

What foods am I allowed to bring on my Southwest airline trip?

Don't rely on a forum to answer this ! Contact your airline - for the most accurate, and up to date answer.

Where can one book Southwest Airline flights on line?

Here is a few places one can book Southwest Airline flights online: Travelsmart, Flightsite, British Airways, South West, Cleartrip and even Skyscanner.