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You go to the Survival Area and his house is on the left of the Pokemon center


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Buck's house is the one to the left of the poke center in the survival area.

go to the guy in Canalave City the house by the pokemart (diamond and pearl)

Same as in Pearl and Diamond, Pastoria City.

You can not get a shovel in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. But you can get an explorer kit to dig underground in diamond & pearl. To get a explorer kit you go to Eterna City and go to the house next to the Pokemon center. Talk to the old man in there and he will give you a explorer kit.

There is only one berry house throughout the whole of Pokemon diamond/pearl but there is a flower shop where you can get free berries in floaroma town.

In Canalave City, the first house, south of the Pokemon center.Its south westThere isn't a move deleter in Pokemon diamond or Pearl

same place in diamond/pearl, in Jubilife City

Well, she is in pearl too and I think she is a ghost.

Bucks house is next to the poke centre in the survival area (the north town) on the island accessed by going on the boat from snowpoint city after completing the elite four

You need to use rock climb to get to his house.

He is in the same place as pearl and diamond versions(Dawns house)

It is in pastoria city the house close to the water

You go to the house next to the Pokemon center in Eterna City. ENJOY!!!

If u talking bout underground kit its in a house near the pokemon center in eterna

Using the Explorer Kit silly! Optain it from the old man in the house next to the Pokemon center in Eterna City.

you cant but you can in diamond and pearl but on Pokemon emerald you can only get super pop or whatever its called at the beach place on the sand in the house.

A man in a house in Eterna City. He lives next to the Pokemon Center. He is the old one.

Yes you can. You can either find a picture of palkia in Cynthia's grandma's house (i think) or trade with someone who has Pokemon pearl and has palkia.

You can find her in the bottom,right house in Sandgem town (she is in the same place in pearl too).

Canalave City, go to the house above the Pokemart & yes, he does delete HM moves!

nothing is in the rock its just a peice of rock near the place with a light house

in D&P hes actually called the move TUTOR but hes in pastoria

he's not in Pokemon pearl; he's managing his affairs in the white house

You can't battle him. But you can find him in eterna city after you got the pokedex upgrade off him (he is in the empty house).

this at Pokemon diamond and pearl and platinum only go to sandgem town and there is a big house get in there and there is a little girl talk to her she will give all the information you need

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