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How do you get to secret islands in Pokemon emerald?

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You need the mystery gift but unfortunitley if stopped years ago

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How to get in legendary islands in Pokemon emerald?

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Is there any secret islands you can surf to on Pokemon emerald?

No. You have to get the event item to go to the secret event Islands by boat. They can only be obtained by cheats such as Action Replay, Game Shark, Code Breaker, ect.

Where is the secret islands Pokemon emerald?

Ok so when you deliver the package to Slateport city, wait u will need surf and then use your pokemon off of the deck by the sea and then keep on going until you get to a abandoned ship then go and voila you are in the secret islands. (If this does not work then i do not know pokemon)

Secret tickets without cheats on Pokemon Emerald?

how to get all the tickets in Pokemon emerald?

What is TM43 in pokemon emerald?

tm43 in emerald is secret power

Pokemon Emerald secret islands?

There are two islands that are very rare and secret in Pokemon Emerald. The Southern Island that holds Latis or Latios that can only be reached with a Infinity ticket. The Mirage Island can only be reach if the right circumstances are met in game. The game will generate a number once a day and if the last digits match that of the friendship level of your Pokemon will the island appear.

What is the secret Pokemon at the battle frontier in Pokemon emerald?

The pokemon is Kyogre

How to get mystic ticket in Pokemon emerald?


Where can you put plants in Pokemon emerald?

You can put plants in your secret bases in emerald

How do you get to the islands that are in Kanto in hoenn in Pokemon emerald?

You can't.

What is the secret city in Pokemon Emerald?

battle tower

Where can you put your poster in Pokemon Emerald?

In your secret base.

What are holes in the walls in Pokemon emerald?

they are secret bases you need to teach a Pokemon secret power first to use them

Which Pokemon can use secret power in Pokemon emerald?

All except Magikarp.

How do you get to birth islands in Pokemon Emerald?

ar or Nintendo event

What are the secret islands in emerald?

Faraway island, Birth island and Southern island.

Where do you get Secret Power on Pokemon Emerald?

You get it at slateport city dude.

In Pokemon emerald can you go to the two islands next to the battle frontier?

in pokemon emerald you can go to the two island next to the battle frontier

Where is secret island in Pokemon Emerald?

to go to secret island you need to get a ticket but they are kind of hard to get

How do you get seel in emerald?

To get Seel in Pokemon Emerald you must trade for one from Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen. Seel can easily be found in the Seafoam Islands on Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Where do you get the unnown in the Pokemon Emerald?

the seven islands near lilycove city

How do you get a treehouse on Pokemon Emerald?

You can't, unless you mean secret base. You have to have a Pokemon with Secret Power. Use Secret Power in front of a tree or an indention in rock.

What do you have to say to the girl in Pokemon Emerald?

To the Rustboro girl,you will need to say a big code.Search in google:"Pokemon Emerald Secret Word Generator"

When can you create a secret base in emerald version?

Loose trees, dents in rocks, and piles of grass are where you can build secret bases in Pokemon Emerald Version.

How do you get all the secret island tickets in Pokemon emerald?

You get secret island tickets in Emerald by going to special events held in real life by Nintendo.