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Build/upgrade warehouse buildings.

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How do you get more men in ikariam?

To get more men in Ikariam or to raise your population you need to raise your income. You also need to raise the level of your Town Hall. ----

When was Ikariam created?

Ikariam was created in 2008-02.

How do you get more Sulphur on ikariam?

Assign more workers at the Sulfur pit, or get another Sulfur colony.

Does ikariam have a virus?

Ikariam does not have a virus. As there is a microtransaction system in-game it would be damaging to their wallets if they did use the game to distribute malware.

How can you hack ikariam?

YOU CANT Accept it like I did

How do you get a sawmill in ikariam?

There are sawmills on every island on Ikariam, no need to actually build one. Though you need to invest wood into it to increase its size, and therefore its production.

Is Ikariam fun?

yes it is if you like strategy games

Is there a 3.2 version for ikariam?

No. The current version is 0.3.1

What language is Ikariam coded in?

Ikariam is coded in (most likely) PHP. The website was coded in HTML. Some javascript may have also been used. Before trying to make a large scale project like Ikariam, make smaller ones and learn the languages very well. Ikariam was most likely made by a team of coders with a moderate budget. For tutorials on PHP, HTML, and Javascript - www.w3schools.com

How do you get sulfur in ikariam?

In Ikariam you can get sulfur by trading with people or by sending workers to the sulfur pit on your island. If you don't have a sulfur pit on your island, find an island with a sulfur pit and colonize there. ----

Is there an easy way to get marble on ikariam?

Trade for it or colonize on an island with it.

How do you make a game like ikariam?

by going to jasmine@man.com

How do you get swordmen on ikariam?

You must research porfesional army and then build them in the barracks.

Where are free Ikariam hacks?

there's one for adding gold.try googling it

How do you keep population happy in ikariam?

Give them wine or build museums

How you can gain free ambrosia in ikariam?

enter contests or redeem coupons

Games like tribal wars?

Travian, Ikariam, Evony....For more visit http://www.findmesimilar.com/2013/08/games-like-tribal-wars.html

How do you make more people in the game Ikariam?

you can gain more people when upgrading your Town Hall and providing sufficient wine for your colony... just keep your citizens to happy and your colony will grow

What is the capital of mona co?

it is capital of empire of mona in ikariam online game.

Is ikariam safe?

It is as safe as facebook is ( don't give personal information's to strangers )

How safe is ikariam?

It is as safe as facebook is ( don't give personal information's to strangers )

How do you conquer a village in ikariam?

Offer the mayor a basket of chocolate chip muffins

What is the phone number for Walmart human resources?

There is not a phone number for Walmart human resources. One needs to contact the store directly or go onto the Walmart careers website for more information.

Are there other games like ikariam?

Travian Nile Online Evony Lord of Ultima

What does the tree on a town on the island view mean in ikariam?

It is the Sawmill. You get wood from it. Remember to donate!

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