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How do you get to sunyshore city on Pokemon Diamond?


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November 13, 2013 10:16PM

You have to catch Dialga/Palkia.


First you have to beat Cyrus (Team Galactic Leader), who will give you a masterball. Then, you will have to battle this other guy. When you defeat that other guy, he will let you press a button that will set the lake trio(mespirit, uxie and azelf ) free .after battling that guy, go and heal your Pokemon and stock up on medicines like revives and full restores.Go to Mount Coronet, find the stone pillar,beat Jupiter & Mars(Galactic Commanders), in front of you is Dialga or( if you have pearl) Palkia. Save in front of it. Press A use the masterball and you have caught Dialga or Palkia!

Now you can get to Sunyshore City by going to that hotel near Valor lakefront. There is a turning near the restraunt you have to cross a road and you can avoid most of the trainers then you will be at Sunyshore city.