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How do you get to teach abroad?



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What a great and exciting idea - teaching abroad! While many countries are different, the requirements are usually the same. You will need a bachelor's degree (or higher), some teaching experience (although many countries have training programs that allow you to start from the very bottom) and an ESL teacher training certificate such as a TEFL or TESOL.
Once you have these, it is time to research. Don't worry about where you'll end up - every country has something amazing to offer. Look up companies that are strong, care about their employees and offer inclusive packages. Money is important to consider, but think about this: will I get medical insurance? what about career advancement opportunities? Most importantly, think about how many vacation days you will have. Working abroad might be an exciting idea, but if you want to travel, you need to be able to take time off!
While researching, don't overwhelm yourself. Start with a few companies you are interested in (chances are they have opportunities in several countries, so don't worry about that yet). Then make a comparison chart to see which ones meet your needs.
After you apply, ask your recruiter lots of questions - they are there to help you get a job, so it's in their best interest to answer truthfully. Many people often ask "what's life in (country)?" but forget to ask about the work environment, so get some answers about what it's like to work in (country) as well.
Good luck, bon voyage and don't forget your camera!