Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do you get to the Fifth Gym in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?


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Ok, I have a stratagy book and this is all the writing on the page(s) about the battle agenst Bryon (5th gym leader) and Canalve City if needed.

Page 160 -

Canalave City

If you ever decided that it was a sailors life for you, then canalve City is the place to be. This exotic por town is home to numerous boats, a anal that splits the city in two, and the useful Canalave Library.

Obtainable items -

On your first visit - TM48 Skill Swap

After winningCanalve City gym Battle - Mine Badge, TM91 Flash Cannon

Pokemart (Merchant on the left) - Air Mail - $50, Qick Ball - $1,000, Timer Ball - $1,000, Repeat Ball - $1,000.

(Bootom Right of picture of Canalave City) - Route 218 (To Jubilife City)

(Middle Right) - Pokemart, Move Deleters House.

(Top Right) Pokecenter, Harbor Inn.

(Middle line) - River

(Top Left) - Canalve Library

(Middle Left) - Canalve City Gym

(Bottom Left) - Sailor Eldrich's house, Harbor (To Iron Island/Fullmoon Island)



Abilities :

Keen Eye

On Water - Tentacool, Wingull, Tentacrule, Pelipper.

Fishing - Old Rod - Magikarp

Good Rod - Magikarp, Finneon.



Abilities :

Swift Swim, Strom Drain

k, I can't be stuffed to write it all out, so just get a heap of water Pokemon and train em up to level 40-45 and battle him.