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How do you get to the Ruined Tower in Pokemon Diamond?

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Q: How do you get to the Ruined Tower in Pokemon Diamond?
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Where do you get a murcrow in Pokemon Diamond?

Murkrow is found in the Lost Tower, at night, and only in Pokemon Diamond.

Where do you go to battle the Tower Typhoon on Pokemon Diamond?

the battle tower.

What is a hotspot in Pokemon diamond?

The Battle Tower

In Pokemon diamond where do you get strengh?

the lost tower

What is in the hallowed tower in Pokemon Diamond?

the hallowed tower is used for a rare pokemon. got my info from other questions. :)

Where is the stone tower on Pokemon diamond?

Route 209

Where is aipom with a trainer in Pokemon diamond?

in the battle tower

Where is the Battle Tower on Pokemon diamond?

in fight area

Where is the lost tower on Pokemon diamond?

on route 209

How do you get the razer fang in Pokemon diamond?

battle tower

In Pokemon diamond when do you get strength?

it is in the tower of ghosts place

Where to get Gengar Pokemon diamond?

you get him someow in the lost tower

Where do get strength in Pokemon Diamond?

top of the tower in solocean

Where is the battle frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

There is no Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Only the Battle Tower.

Where is battle tower at in Pokemon Diamond?

At the fight area (after you beat the Pokemon league)

When you are at battle tower in Pokemon diamond do the Pokemon you see count?

The Pokemon you see do not go in your pokedex.

How com you cant get in the hollowed tower in Pokemon diamond?


Is there a way to catch Misdreavus in Pokemon Diamond?

in the tower at night

What is the hm in the lost tower in Pokemon diamond?

I think it is strength

Mistrivus in Pokemon Diamond?

Misdreavus cannot be caught in Pokemon Diamond. It can be caught on Pokemon Pearl appearing in Eterna Forest and Lost Tower at nighttime.

What to do in the battle tower in Pokemon diamond for ds?

after you battle 7 trainers in the battle tower you will get 3bp

How do you get spiritomp in Pokemon platinum?

you have to greet 32 people in the underground, then go to the ruined tower thing and press A.

What town is the tower where you get strength in Pokemon Diamond for DS?

Solaceon town is the where the tower is located in which the player can find the strength HM. This town is located off of route 209 in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

What is Pokemon number 108 on Pokemon Diamond?

In fact, it's spritomb. you get him in this broken tower thing

Location of Battle tower on Pokemon Diamond?

you find it at turtwig cityBeat the Pokemon League.