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at island 6 u can find a place called the dotted hole u can find it there!

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โˆ™ 2008-01-20 12:20:30
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Q: How do you get to the actual sapphire stone in the cave in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where can you find the sapphire stone Pokemon LeafGreen?

me dont nkow

How do you get an extra sun stone in sapphire?

Have ruby or emerald or another sapphire trade you a Pokemon holding the sun stone they received or get one from firered or leafgreen.

What do you do after give Celio the Sapphire stone in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

now you can trade Pokemon from sapphire,ruby,emerald,fire red & leaf green by having a extra gba sp & link cable..veronica

Does the Water Stone from Pokemon look like Sapphire?

Yes, the water stone from Pokemon looks like Sapphire.

What is the value of the blue sapphire stone?

if your talking about it in leafgreen of firered version pokemon, take it to celio, and he will take it and tell you to get a ruby also, then you are able to trade with ruby, sapphire, and emerald games.

How do you find a miststone in Pokemon sapphire?

There is no mist stone in sapphire.

Pokemon LeafGreen where do I get a dark stone?

? What is a dark stone?? Do you mean Moon Stone?

How do you get a shiny stone in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can't it doesn't exist in sapphire.

Pokemon sapphire which Pokemon need a water stone?


What Pokemon will evolve with thunder stone on Pokemon Sapphire?

pikachu voltorb eevee magnemite Eevee is not in pokemon sapphire.

What should you do to get sapphire after defeating the league in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you have to go too 1 island in the Pokemon center de man at that big machine wil ask you to find the sapphire and ruby stone and you will get a pass to go too 4,5 and 6 island where you can find these stones bring them too one island and you will be abbel to trade between leafgreen and ruby and sapphire

How do you get a umberon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

use moon stone

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