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what ever the idiot above me put.... well they're stupid why would you even do that


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u need the Wellington boots to get to the green ghost

To find the inventions you have to defeat some of the bosses like the green ghost and redbeard. the springs invention are in the "shock on the dock" part.

The ghost in the "Scooby Doo Where Are You!" episode "A Night of Fright is No Delight" is referred to as the "phantom shadow" or the "green ghost".

You get the umbrella by defeating the green ghost. Im not 100% sure, but its in gloom and doom down in the tomb pt. 3. Its definatly in the graveyard part of the hedge maze, just look on the map when you pause the game.

You defeat the green ghost which is located on Gloom and doom down in the tomb part 3. Just smash the button when the monster goes over the coffin and he'll be sucked in. you have to do this 3 times. At the end Holly will give you the umbrella.

The original drawing of the Ghost of The Christmas Present was coloured in green but Dickens after the first few copies changed it to redWhite is the color of the ghost of Christmas pastGreen is the color of the ghost of Christmas presentBlack is the color of the ghost of Christmas future

many people don't know but if you wanna check use ghost radar,if the ghost green or yellow it mean the ghost nice,if the ghost red or blue it mean the ghost evil

There are a few species of the ghost spider that live in North America. The green, yellow, and garden ghost spider are common in Florida.

No, raccoons have a yellow eye shine at night, not red or green.

Wild cats eyes glow green when the light hits them at night. Bears and deer's eye may glow red or green at night.

yes she is VERY scary

You mean a green ghost? Well, after you beat a level with Luigi, a green ghost will appear in that level. if you go to that level you'll find a little ghost of Luigi. Press A or spin near it and it will start running to the end of the course. You can race it if you want, but don't need to.

It's in Misbehavin'? Cause a cave in! Part 1 in a recess in the cave wall. you need 2 things - the umbella and the bubble blower once you have those you have to blow a bubble at the gargoyle closest to the token then jump on it and then double jump while going forward and glide off of it toward the token before the bubble pops. If you're good enough, just super smash the gargoyle.

Green Day's "Last Night on Earth" is about stuff buddy-boy.

Both ghost-type and dark-type Pokemon are super-effective against any ghost-types.

At night leaves still contain the green pigment chlorophyll, so they are still green. However, they may appear black in the absence of sunlight.

after you beat the first two then go froward in till you see a room will a big portrait of the ghost, shoot it and big blocks fall down. you have to put the blocks together before the time runs out. then you shall see the green ghost

For the water ghost You have to freeze the ghost with ice then you can capture it for the green one you just capture it like a regular ghost but watch out for the bananas!

Ghost is only in Pokemon blue, red, yellow, fire red and leaf green. Its useless cause its uncatchable.

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