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How do you get to the lamp module from the rear of the assembly in order to change out the lamp?


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2006-09-02 18:09:17
2006-09-02 18:09:17

On the Mazda B3000 1994 there are four screws. Two Phillips screws on the outside glass and two Phillips inside on the panel. Loosen these four screws and the entire assembly will come out.


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Replacing tail/stop/turn/sidemarker/backup lamp bulbs The tail/stop/turn/sidemarker/backup lamp bulbs are located in the same portion of the tail lamp assembly, one just below the other. Follow the same steps to replace either bulb. Note: Your vehicle is equipped with a backup lamp assembly containing integral multiple light emitting diodes (LED). See your authorized dealer for the replacement LED module. 1. Make sure the headlamp switch is in the off position and then open the liftgate to expose the lamp assembly bolts. 2. Remove the two bolts from the lamp assembly. 3. Carefully remove the lamp assembly away from the vehicle by pulling the assembly straight out to expose the bulb socket. DO NOT TIP THE LAMP ASSEMBLY SIDEWAYS. 4. Rotate the bulb socket counterclockwise and remove from lamp assembly. 5. Pull bulb straight out of socket and snap in the new bulb. 6. Install the bulb socket into the lamp assembly and rotate clockwise. 7. Carefully install the tail lamp assembly on the vehicle by securing the lamp assembly with two bolts.

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you have to replace the whole assembly

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Where can I locate the "Lamp Control Module" on a 1994 Buick Park Avenue

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Begin by removing the wiring harness from your 1983 Volvo 240 turn signal lamp. Remove the turn signal lamp assembly retaining bolts. The turn signal lamp assembly will come out. Reverse the process to install the new turn signal lamp assembly.

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Open hood........two vertical metal fastener strips pull upward to release entire lamp assembly so you can change bulb. Change, and replace lamp assembly by inserting the two metal fasteners back.

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