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How do you get to the power plant in Pokemon LeafGreen?

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2014-01-29 18:55:40

OK so you should hopefully have fly at this point in the game.

Use fly to go to route 10. Then go north from the Pokemon center

until you go through the white fence and are at the edge of the

water. Use surf and follow the channel till you get to the power


go to rock tunnel. go down and west. there should be a trainer

along the way. there Pokemon are level 15-19. keep going across and

you will find a door go inside and you'll be at the power plant. if

you go all the way through at the end you should find zap dos level


from kintro the Pokemon player

Go east from Cerulean city. Right before you get to the cave with

the pokemon center outside of it, walk through some tall grass and

surf down the water along the side of the fence to get to the power


beat koga in the fushia gym and get surf in the safari zone,the go

to the Pokemon center right by rock tunnel,go up past the weeds to

the north and surf down to the power plant,zapdos is inside

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