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How do you get to the rear speakers in a 98 4 door impreza to change them can i fit 6 x 9's in?



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You have to undo the bolts holding the rear seat on and make sure that the access to the boot ports on the back of the seat are open then pull them out ... then pull all of the panels off from around the panel that has the seat belt through it and pull that one off as well you will need a flat head screwdriver to pri them off and be carefull not to break the panels or the clips i think the only screws you need to undo are on the panels just under the seat belt panels ... then undo the anchore bolt ( if you have one ) from the top not the bottom the bottom is welded to the chassis ... then undo the clips holding the parcel shelves carpet on by pri-ing it up with a flat head screwdriver then you can undo the 3 screws holding the speakers in ( i know for sure that the one at the very back near the window is a real bitch ) ... if you want to fit 6x9s then take out the metal adapter plate out by undoing the 3 screws holding that on ( im not sure if the 6x9s will actually fit in there for sure u might need a speaker spacer to make it fit right ) ... then after u have installed the new speakers its time to put it all back together again ( YAYYYYYY ) .... i hope this has helped