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once you get so far in the game, an event similar to the ones in Pokemon Pearl and Diamond will happen, only with giratina and the Reverse world

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Is Pokemon Platinum the same as Pokemon Diamond?

No. In Pokemon Platinum you go to the reverse world and catch Giratina.

Can you get into the reverse world on pearl?

No only in Pokemon platinum (coming in stord march 22 2009) no it is not possible to get into the reverse world in Pokemon pearl. It is is only in Pokemon platinum which comes out on march 22nd in the US

How do you get Giratina's orb in Pokemon platinum?

you have to go back to the reverse world

Where is shadow Lugia in the reverse world?

shadow lugia is not in Pokemon platinum

How do you get to the reverse world diamond and pearl?

The Distortion world is only available in Pokemon Platinum

What is at the end of turnback cave?

(Pokemon Platinum Only) A portle to the Dostortion (Reverse) world.

What is in the cave at sendoff spring in Pokemon platinum?

A portal to the reverse world,pokemon,rocks,pillars,and griseous orb in reverse world. also, there is giratina if you didnt already catch it and a rare bone

How do you get to sunnyshore in Pokemon platinum?

You need to battle Girtina in the Reverse \World then you will be able to go to Sunnyshore

How do you get to reverse world in Pokemon platinum version?

You need to fight Dialga and palkia where u fought them in dimond and pearl and then after u defeat them you get sucked into the reverse world.

Where do you surf in the reverse world in Pokemon platinum?

You don't need surf to get through the distortion world. You only need the move strength.

Where does Giratina wonder in Pokemon platinum?

inthe reverse worl and some place that's around veilstone city if you run away or it faints in the reverse world.

Witch town do you get sucked into the reverse world on Pokemon platinum?

You enter the reverse world by going to spear pillar on top of Mt Coronet, after obtaining the 7th badge, so its not in a town

Where is the reverse world in platinum?

The reverse world is at spear pillar the peak of mt. Cornet

Are there any new Pokemon games coming out soon?

There is a new Pokemon game coming out soon, which is called 'Pokemon Platinum', the sequel to Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. Giritina is in its reverse world form, shaymin is in its sky form, and there is an entirely new plot in Pokemon Platinum.

Where is garitina in mt cornet in Pokemon platinum?

Giratina is not exactly in Mt. Coronet, to be precise. It is in the deepest depths of the Reverse World.

How do you get to the next region in Pokemon platnium?

The only region in Pokemon Platinum is Sinnoh (Gen. IV). You can also travel to Reverse World, however it is not considered a region.

How do you get out of the reverse world without getting Giratina in Pokemon platinum?

You cant, u have to either capture it or kill it, its better if u capture it

How do you get the eighth gem in Pokemon Platinum?

you have to get to the top of mount coronet and catch giratina in the reverse world then go to sunny shore city

How do you save the Pokemon from the great lakes on Pokemon platinum?

after you get past the reverse world go to lake Verity there you will findmisprout and after that Professor Rowen will talk to you. Then go to the other lakes and catch the Pokemon of the lakes.

How do you go to the reverse world in platinum?

get to the top of mt. cornet and you battle team galactic then go into the reverse world

How do you get to the reverse world in Pokemon Platinum?

When you beat the 7th gym leader and have seen everything at the lake you go to spear pillar at the top of MT. Cornet

How do you get twise to the reverse world in platinum?

You have to get to the middle of the turn back cave (available after beating the league, where giratina is in Pokemon diamond and pearl), and there will be an item and a portal to it

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