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Put the IROC up on jack stands and remove the spark plugs from under the engine.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-12 16:18:28
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Q: How do you get to the spark plugs to change them on a 1988 Iroc with a 350?
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What spark plugs to use in 88 350 iroc?

AC DELCO rapidfires heard nothing but good things about them and that what im about to put in my 89 350 TPI

What is the firing order for a 1988 Iroc?


Are all 1988 iroc-z tuneport?

No they are not. Base engine on an '88 IROC was a 170 hp 305 TBI.

Where is the hatch release button located in a 1988 iroc-z camaro?

in the glove box mine is in the center between back of windows switches 1988 iroc z

How much horsepower does an 1988 iroc-z a 305 have?

The 1988 305 IROC-Z's had anywhere from 170hp to 220hp that could be had with either a 700r4 automatic tranny or a 5 speed tranny.

Where is the fuel pump on a 1988 iroc camaro 5.7?

it is in the gas tank

How do you adjust the idle on a 1988 iroc z?

You don't, it is done electronically.

How fast does a 1988 iroc z camaro get from 0 to 60?

about 6 seconds

What engine comes in a 1988 iroc-z Camaro 350?

88 Iroc came with either 305 or 350. You already answered the question with camaro 350

Can 24 inch rims fit a 1988 iroc-z?

i have an 88 iroc vert with 22' iroc wheels and they took me some doing to get on the best bet is to put 24'in the back and 22'in the front with a raked look it is awsome

What is the top speed of a 1988 Camaro Iroc Z?

the 350 motor could push 140

What cause 1986 iroc z to turn over but not start?

Check to make sure you are getting fuel and spark

Where is the speedometer cable in a 1988 IROC Camaro?

One end at the speedometer head The other at the side of transmission

What is the 43 check engine code on a 87 camaro iroc?

code 43 is electronic spark control open circuit.

What if your 89 iroc starts when cold but when it warms up all it does is crank you have plenty of fuel and spark what sensor could it be?

Does it have enough compression?

Can you install a 1991 Camaro iroc steering column in a 1987 Camaro iroc?

There were no IROC Camaros in 1991

What kinda engine is in a 1988 you rock z?

Assuming you're referring to a 1988 IROC-Z, it could have either a 305 TBI, 305 TPI or a 350 TPI

Your iroc z28 camaro turn signals will not flash?

Check the fuses or change the bulbs.

What could cause an intermittent spark problem on your 86 iroc-z tpi car?

probably ignition control module failure

What would make an 88 Chevy camaro iroc-z sputter after replacing plugs wires rotor cap egr valve idle air valve fuel regulator throttle position sensor?

check and make sure your firing order is right and that you have correct gap in spark plug

Where is the fuel pump relay for a 1988 iroc?

driver side firewall should be 3 relays in a row ,middle relay i believe

Is the distributor same from an 88 iroc 6cly to an 86 iroc 305?


Where is the fuel filter on a 1988 Iroc camaro 350 tpi?

The 1988 Chevrolet Camaro 350 fuel filter can be found next to the gas tank. The fuel filter will be on the front of the gas tank.

What does the z stand for in iroc z?

It was just an incorporation of the "Z" in Z-28. IROC stood for International Race Of Champions.....from the Nascar IROC races.

Where is the signal flasher unit on a 1988 IROC Camaro?

The 1988 Chevrolet Camaro signal flasher unit is located beneath the drivers side dashboard. The signal flasher unit will be to the right of the brake pedal.