How do you get to the villain in the factory on 24 Carrot Island?

The villain is in the Launch Room next to the processing room. Go to the printing room (upper right in the vents) and get the password.

You will have to turn off the rabbot ears that the person is wearing -- click the lower conversation balloon and when they turn away, click the power button (the blue circle on the ears).

Then go to the processing room which is all the way left and then down. Pick up the wire cutters and enter the room. When you are teleported to the freezer by the robot, cut all the wires on the security system. Then go back to the processing room and free the people from their rabbot ears. Press the door latch at the far right and you will fall into a room where you can find rabbot ears. Wear them and enter the Launch Room, where you meet Dr. Hare.

You can use the password to launch his Giant Space Rabbot and then destroy it.