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Pull the valance off the bottom of the wind shield.

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Q: How do you get to the wiper motor in a 1992 GMC Vandura 3500?
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Can I get a manual on dropping in a rebuilt motor in Vandura 3500?

Hi: Have you an elctrical diagram for the cruise control of a Citation GMC 1985 (Vandura). Regards.

What is the mpg of a 1984 gmc vandura 3500?


What brake system do you have on a 1995 GMC Vandura 3500?

its hydraulic with abs

Were is the computer on a 1995 vandura 2500?

I have a 3500 and mind is under the driver seat

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1995 gmc 3500 vandura?

driver side underhood

How do you change the oil pan on a GMC Vandura 3500 6.2 diesel?

Put slick 50 in the oil and don't worry about it. Painfully, the motor's got to be lifted, unbolt the motor mounts and try to keep the swearing to a dull roar.

How do troubleshoot your wiper motor on your 2001 dodge ram 3500 van?

See if you are getting power to it - if so bad motor If not check fuse relay breaker Check to see if you are getting power and ground to switch

Why does your gmc vandura 3500 start in drive and run in 2nd gear?

because your linkage is not correctly adjusted.

How much gas will a 1991 gmc 3500 vandura van hold?

Most 3500 series GMC Vans will come with a 27 to 32 gallon tank, also depends on engine type. If you have access to a local dealer you can find out by bringing them your vin #, and they can tell you exactly what your van has!! GJZ.....owner of a 93 3500 vandura (32 gallon tank)

What is the ton age on a 3500 1998 gmc vandura?

both are 1998 gmc 3500 with a fiber glass box on back on 1 an also have just a cargo van too

What size battery for a 1995 GMC Vandura 3500?

With the 5.7 engine, group size 34/78 800 CCA.

How to remove the driver's seat inside armrest on a 1985 GMC Vandura 3500?

remove the arm rest cover , you can see the bolt

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