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How do you get unknown in Pokemon diamond?

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In Solaceon, Off To The Right

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Unknowns are in the soleceon ruins.

The Unown are in the Solaceon Ruins.

you can catch a lot of unknown Pokemon A-Z

There are 26 but since there are the ! and ? unknown 28 total

To get a Venusaur on Pokemon Diamond you have to get the National Pokedex and look for its area, if it's unknown then I don't know what to do.

You can find them in solaceon ruins

#114 is unknown. its found in the soleancean ruins

Unknown(sorry about my spelling) Letter A is the rarest Unknown in all games. You are more likely to find a shiny Pokemon then Unknown A but if you are dedicated then go for it but prepare for frustration.

that Pokemon would be unknown!there are 26 variation of unknown they all are based on the alphabet and you can capture them at the solaceon ruins.also if you capture the unknown you can get letter seals and place them on your Pokemon!when you choose that Pokemon the letters will be there!

The unknown pokemon rare pokemon that u have to cath

The Cave In Solaceon Town Has Unowns in it

They are in the Solcean Ruins in solcean town.

I dont know what happen in diamond, but in platinum you can catch ! and ? unowns.

At the right of Solecean city (Solecean Ruins).

catch all the unknown from a-z then go to the digging manic

Unknown are in Pokemon games for events like in Pokemon diamond, Peral and Platinum when you have to catch all the unknown and show them to the tunnel maniac under hearthome city i think and then you get a prize!

Berry juice is a item that gives 20HP. It's where abouts are unknown, but you can get it with the Pokemon modifier. A Pokemon modifier is a cheat.

There are no locks on walls with unowns on them: they just tell a story

In Diamond it is in the ruins with the Unknown, I am not sure about Platinum though.

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