Call of Duty World at War

How do you get unlimited life on call of duty world at war?


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You must modify the game or in other words cheat

There are no cheats that give you this ability and it is like unlimited ammo just something that PC users have done to impress viewers on YouTube


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If you type in ~ to bring up the cheat screen in Call of Duty: World At War and type devmap mak then hit enter, it will bring up the cheat screen. From here, you can enter 'god' and hit enter to have unlimited life.

yes it is based on world war 2

Stop being a noob and play like a man. Extra : Yea that takes out all the fun noob!!

The Call of Duty games are fictional, but based on true events and times, like World War 2, the Vietnam war etc.

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Yeah i did add me. Classic Chris H and he has no life

How much kills you can get in one life before the game ends.

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when you play call of duty

call of duty is not based of any movie but that roughly of real life settings eg. in call of duty mw2 the war in Afghanistan as well as the russian invasion of north america(not real).

then you would experiance Call of duty in real life

call of duty modern warfare 3. idiot yes it is but who ever said IDIOT is a IDIOT hey go get a life

You can't. There is no glitch for unlimited life.

He gives him the day off to play Call of duty

COD-MW3 is about the life of Ghost and his history.

All you have to do is when you start a world set it to creative instead of survival. Then you will have unlimited life and will be able to get unlimited resources. Or, you can set the difficulty to peaceful which makes it virtually impossible to die.

Call of Duyty Modern Warfare 2 one of the largest selling viseogames in history. Many of my friends and family play it and many productive members of society enjoy it. As with all things in life COD(call of duty) can be enjoyed with great success and a life can be carried on with. Moderation is the key to a happy life.

In Video Games,Its Call Of Duty 5 World At War, In Real Life,Its A Modern Time Warfare. So That's It =P

Best. Game. I. Have. Ever. Played. in. my. whole. life.

no there is not a resident evil 4 unlimited life cheat

The Modern Warfare series are based on a real life missions undertaken by the SAS and Army! Whereas the obviously World at war is world war 2 and black ops is the cold war!

no you cant unfortunately. the reason is that call of duty is supposed to be realistic,and a grenade wouldn't fit into a person's mouth in real life,not even in MW2.

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