Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do you get via in Pokemon diamond?

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You go to Jubilife TV place at jubilife City, go to the third floor, talk to the man, he will ask you a question, and answer everyone happy then Wi-fi connection.

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Which legendary Pokemon can you get via GTS on Pokemon diamond?

All, provided you have seen them.

Where is Articuno in Pokemon Diamond?

The only way to obtain Articuno in Pokemon Diamond is to trade it from GBA via Pal Park.

How To Get Oaks Letter On Pokemon Diamond?

Via Nintendo Wifi.

How do you get latois in Pokemon diamond?

Transfer from GBA via palpark

What is the azareus Pokemon in diamond?

get azure flute via event

Can you get ANY AND ALL Legendary Pokemon via GTS on Pokemon diamond?

you can get some....not all

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon FireRed to Pokemon White?

Yes, but not directly. Pokemon from Fire Red can be migrated to Pokemon Diamond via Pal Park, and then to Pokemon White via the PokeTransfer Lab.

How do you get bulbasuar in pokemon diamond?

You have to transfer from GBA via Pal Park

Can you get Dialga in Pokemon Diamond with breeding?

No, you cannot get Dialga via breeding in Pokémon Diamond.

Can Pokemon platinum connect to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl via wifi?

Yes you can my brother told me and he has platinum

How do you get the Jhoto starters in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

The only 2 ways to get the 3 Johto starters in Diamond/Pearl is via migration from a GBA game or via trades.

Where to find toadatile in Pokemon Diamond?

As Totodile is a Generation 3 starter Pokemon, it cannot be obtained directly in Pokemon Diamond. Instead, players have to transfer it via trades from previous generations of the Pokemon games.

If you trade Pokemon from Pokemon diamond to Pokemon platinum will you still be able to go to battle frontier in platinum?

Yes. It doesn't make a difference where the Pokémon comes from whether it's from Diamond, Pearl, via migration, via the Global Terminal (or Global Trade Station) or via Friend Code Wi-Fi.

How do you make Pokemon from sapphire to Pokemon Diamond?

insert the sapphire cartlige in your ds then the diamond and turn it on. Go into Pokemon diamond and an option should be migrate from sapphire. If this does not happen, there is a possibility that your game is fake. Look further into this via Google.

How do you get Celebi in Diamond version?

The only way to obtain Celebi in Pokemon Diamond is to transfer it from GBA via Pal Park.

Can you catchZapdos Moltres Arctino Mew and Mew-Two in Pokemon Diamond?

All Pokemon list require a trade or you to import via Pal Park. As none are wild in Pokemon Diamond.

HOW TO GET A Lugia in Pokemon Diamond?

Lugia cannot be caught in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. You can trade for one from HeartGold/SoulSilver or migrate one from a GBA Pokemon game via the Pal Park.

Where is mew in Pokemon Diamond?

Mew cannot be caught in Pokemon diamond as well as mewtwo and the rest of the legendarysfrom previous games. they must be transferred via pal park

How do you get a Rotom in Pokemon soul sliver?

Rotom can only be obtained via trade from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum Versions.

How do you learn fire punch on Pokemon diamond?

You can only "learn" Fire Punch in Diamond via breeding a Pokemon with another who already knows Fire Punch (Magmar for example)

How do you get Ho-oh Pokemon Diamond?

Use via Action Replay or Trade over the Wi-fi or if you have caught it in another GBA game transfer it to Pokemon diamond!

Where can you catch gangar in Pokemon Diamond?

gengar cannot be caught in diamond or any other game it can only be obtained via trade or action replay code for stealing pokemon.

How do you catch Arceus in sapphire?

Arceus is not an available Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire. Arcues is only available to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum via an event.

How can you get a Charmander in Pokemon Diamond?

Transfer from GBA via pal park OR Trade with HeartGold/SoulSilver.

Where do you catch a Shuppet in Pokemon diamond?

You can't, you either have to obtain it in a trade or via pal park.