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How do you get volbeat in emerald?

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Although they are rare, they can be found on the route near the day care center. That's were I got mine.

it take times so you need to be patient and it can be found between verdanturf town and mauville city

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Where to get volbeat in emerald?

You can find Volbeat on Route 117 in Pokemon Emerald Version.

Who wants to trade for volbeat in Pokemon emerald?

Me I do

How do you get volbeat in Pokemon Emerald?

Volbeat is located in Route 117 in the grass. But be patient, because Volbeat is a rare Pokemon and takes time to appear.

How do you make encountering Volbeat in Emerald easy?

By Gameshark

Is Relicanth or Volbeat harder to find in Emerald?

relicanth for sure.

Where to find a volbeat in Pokemon emerald?

you can find it at route 117 by the flowers is best

Is Volbeat rare to find in Emerald?

Yes, Volbeat has about a 2% encounter chance on Rt.117, so it takes patience. There's no way to increase the Volbeat's encounter rate.

How do you catch a volbeat in Pokemon emerald?

In between mauville and Verdanturf need cut to get to it and its closer to verdanturf between the person runner back and forth to the 2 people. itll take awhile but youll get volbeat and illumse.

How do you evolve volbeat?

-_-Volbeat does NOT evolve

When does volbeat evolve?

Volbeat does not evolve.

How do you make encountering Volbeat in Emerald easy without using Gameshark or Action Replay?

Stay in volbeats area and use sweet scent or a white flute then start running around in the grass volbeat will show up soon.

When was Volbeat created?

Volbeat was created in 2001.

What level does volbeat evolve?

Volbeat doesn't evolve.

At what level learn ariados signal beam on pokemon emerald?

Ariados does not naturally learn the move Signal Beam in Pokemon Emerald. If bred with Venonat, Venomoth, or Volbeat however it will learn Signal Beam.

How do you find volbeat in Pokemon Pearl?

Volbeat will be at route 229!!!

What type of Pokemon is Volbeat?

Volbeat is a Bug type pokemon.

Can volbeat be a female in Pokemon Sapphire?

No. Volbeat is a male-only Pokemon.

What is the difference between volbeat and illumise in Pokemon?

Volbeat is male and illumise is female

Does Pokemon volbeat evolve?

Volbeat doesn't evolve in any Pokemon game.

What happens if you breed volbeat and immulise?

you either get volbeat or illumise..its really 50/50

If a illumise and volbeat had an egg what would it hatch into?

It would hatch into either Illumise or Volbeat.

Are Volbeat from England?

If you're talking about the metalband Volbeat, then no. They're from Denmark, formed in 2001.

Are volbeat any good?

Volbeat are strong against some Pokemon and weak against others.

Which Pokemon know the move covet?

Illumise and probably Volbeat. I've never tried it on Volbeat.

Is Godsmack part of the band Volbeat?

No. Godsmack is one band, and Volbeat is a different band entirely.

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