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How do you get wood stain off of the glass on exterior windows?


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June 08, 2016 12:59AM

WD40 does all kinds of amazing things...try it. I have an e-mail forward listing all the uses for WD40. I'd be happy to send it to you. Contact me

The easiest way to remove wood stain from windows is to use the gel version of SHOUT (Laundry spot remover). I discovered this when I inadvertently removed the varnish and stain (right down to the white wood) from the foot of my sleigh bed while prepping the clothes. This year we moved into a 100+ year old house. I used the gel shout and q-tips to remove the wood stain from our stain glass windows in our foyer. The job was done w/in 45 min and I didn't need to use a razor blade. There wasn't a spec of wood stain on the windows and they shine! Just make sure you don't get the shout on the wood!


WD-40 might remove certain types of stain - I can't vouch for that - but it will leave an oily smear that will need cleaning off in turn. The initials by the way, stand for "Water Dispersant", its primary function. It will work, sort of, as a short-term lubricant and as a weak easing oil, but those are not its main functions (despite what it says on the tin!), and it can make things worse by washing existing lubricant away. It is good for cleaning oil off paintwork or metalwork but note that it will leave its own thin deposit. I think it's basically paraffin.