How do you get your 2 year old daughter to behave and be comfortable with your boyfriend?

He's not her father even if he's your soul mate so don't expect her to warm upto him overnight. Best thing to do is let them spend some time together or somthing. children usually have a very one-sided way of thinking, they only know and trust their parents, so I think it will take some time for her to warm up2 this guy and understand. My advice is get to know someone well enough to spend the rest of your life with them instead of dating a guy who you just met in the bar. You may have the emotional strength but I doubt your little girl can handle warming up2 some guy just to realize that you have changed your boyfriend and making her start all over. So do the smart thing (unlike the first time) and get to know someone well and I'm talking about all the sides of their character and finally introuduce him to your daughter's life. If you mess this up you'll mess her up.


TO get her to behave is to have boundaries for her that are age appropriate. Have activities ready when your boyfriend comes over that you can do together this way she will get used to him. I would hope you understand she is probably confused on her little level as to why daddy isn't the man with you but she doesnt know why. You don't explain this to a two year old, you just tell her where daddy is and when she will see him next. If she is unrulely you do what we all do with a two year old, you distract the bad behavior and replace it with good. If she is throwing toys, lets say, tell her that its not nice and she can break them, lets count the toys and see how many you have, ask her what color is the toy she just threw and what else in the room is that color. Time outs at 2 are just not effective, they have no concept of time yet. No bribing or hitting, that just makes her idea of what she is doing right. Take a few deep breathes and allow her to scream at the top of her lungs and don't do anything, she will give up. Please do not allow your boyfriends feelings be more important, she didnt ask to be brought into this world so now you have to do what is best for her at all times and if he cant handle it then kick him to the curb and find a MAN that accepts you as well as your child.. I can tell you that there are alot of stages you will have to deal with with her that will last a week or two or longer but that's all they are are stages just don't overcompensate and spoil her and give into her tantrums, then you'll have a problem on your hands.... Good luck and be patient.

He might also say I hate You Or he will say _ _ _ _ you!!!