How do you get your 3-month-old puppy to like walking outside?

Take it outside every day

you will hold them and walk about 200 ft in your hand and go back home. repeat the process but everytime get farther from your home so they get used to the surrondings and eventulay put them on the ground and do the same process so they will start to walk and then make the the walks longer and longer.


You have to teach your dog that outside is for play, exercise, and eliminating. Play with your dog outside. Practice walking your dog in your backyard. Go to obedience school to socialize your dog and for her to learn to walk better.

Also, potty training is important here. Teach her that OUTSIDE is where to eliminate, not INSIDE. Take her outside into your yard and if she eliminates literally have a mini celebration and PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE! TREAT TREAT TREAT!

Good luck!