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How do you get your LimeWire songs into your iTunes library?

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βˆ™ 2010-07-21 21:20:45

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All you have to do is hit clear inactive and they should go right to iTunes

2010-07-21 21:20:45
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How can you send songs to itunesfrom LimeWire?

You can drag the song from your library on Limewire to your library on Itunes.

How can you delete songs from LimeWire shared folder on iTunes that were downloaded from LimeWire?

I deleted the listing from my iTunes Limewire folder. Deleted the file from the iTunes Library, and deleted the file from the Limewire download file. Restarted iTunes - all clear.

How do you sync your LimeWire music to your iTunes library?

you just drag the completed dowloaded songs over to your itunes library and they will transfer.

How do you transfer music videos from LimeWire to an iPod?

Add the Limewire songs to your iTunes library and sync your iPod.

How do I take saved songs in my LimeWire library and add them to a folder to put into itunes?

You can open iTunes and Limewire at he same time and drag the songs from your Limewire to the iTunes. OR You can open iTunes, select 'File' then select 'Add Folder [or File] to Library' and your computer files will pop up. You then select your Limewire 'Saved' file and there will be a pop-up showing that it is copying your files.

How do you download songs to an ipod using limwire?

you need to get itunes and then copy the songs from the limewire folder or where ever you have the music into itunes library

If you use LimeWire on your ipod and then buy certain songs from itunes does it make it to where LimeWire won't work anymore on ipod?

No. Songs from Limewire can be added to the iTunes library, and then the iPod can be synced. Songs from multiple sources can all co-exist on the iPod without problems.

How do you transfer music folder or file from LimeWire to your iTunes library?

Drag and drop the file from limewire library into your itunes library.

How do you download from LimeWire library to mp3 without iTunes?

How do you download from limewire library to mp3 without Itunes?

Can you download songs from LimeWire to your iPod?

Yes and no, you can't download them using limewire but you can put your limewire songs into itunes by selecting them and dragging them into your library, then you can download them onto your ipod. Hope this helps!

How do you download songs on to your ipod using LimeWire?

download the song from limwire and from there drag it to itunes. To drag it make sure the limewire window appears in front of itunes and drag to your itunes music library.

How do you put songs on your ipod touch from LimeWire?

you have to share limewire with your itunes. In itunes/limewire, share the files, and the songs will automatically go onto your itunes. Then do what you would normally.

How do you put music in your mp3 with LimeWire?

you must hold shift and select a group of songs then drag to the itunes library, after you drag to itunes songs to the ipod or you can sync

Once the songs from LimeWire are in a shared folder on iTunes how do you get them into your iTunes library?

One member of my family uses LimeWire, another uses iTunes. The iTunes users wants to put the songs from the LimeWire user into her iPod. I searched for quite a while, but could not find a "good" answer. The closest I found was to install LimeWire onto the computer of the iTunes user, and to re-download the same songs into this freshly installed LimeWire. Then go to the music library screen within iTunes (on the same computer) and choose "Add folder to Library" from the file menu, and select the download folder that was defined during the LimeWire installation. I really do hope other readers find a better answer to this, as I do not feel that the "solution" I have found to this little problem, is satisfactoy.

Can you transfer songs to itunes using LimeWire 5?

Yes, its simple drag and drop into Library>music

How do you drag the songs from LimeWire to iTunes?

First you need to have i-tunes open AND Limewire. One you get the songs you want from Limewire, make a limewire playlist folder in your i-tunes. After you do that, go to your Limewire library and drag your songs onto the word "Limewire" in your i-tunes playlists on the left hand side. Your songs should appear! Hope this helps! ~M!$$ P3Y!~

Can you put songs on iTunes and download it on to your ipod?

Yes, if you have limewire or anything else, just drag it into your itunes library and plug your ipod in and sync!

Do you need to have iTunes to have an itouch?

I have an iPod touch, i have Limewire and iTunes. All the songs I download with Limewire go right onto my iTunes therefore not paying for the songs.

Can you delete your LimeWire library without the same songs deleting off your itunes library?

Yes, you can delete your lime wire library without deleting it off your itunes library. The only way to delete it off your library is to delete from your library.

How do you download a song from LimeWire to iTunes?

Double click on the song in Limewire and it automatically downloads it to your iTunes Library.

Can you get arrested for downloading songs from LimeWire and then buying songs from itunes store?

Yes, if your going to buy it from itunes, why download it off limewire first.

How do you get free songs on iTunes?

Song prices are determined by the artist and/or record label. The majority of popular songs on the iTunes store are not available free. (Holly's Answer) lol: you can also use frostwire or limewire to download songs to your iTunes library for free

Is there a way you can get all your songs from LimeWire to go on to itunes so you can sync it to your ipod touch?

1. Go to iTunes. 2. Click File. 3. Click "Add Folder to Library" or "Add File to Library" 4. Click on the song or folder of songs that you downloaded from Limewire. 5. Click "Open".

How do you get music from LimeWire to iTunes library?

under the folders your itunes gets music from add the limewire saved folder

You cant get your songs from LimeWire to ITunes so that you can put it on your IPod Touch help?

You should be able to click on the song you want in limewire, wait until it breaks away from the playlist and drag this little icon thing over to itunes where u can put it in the library on the list to the left. if this doesnt work then in limewire highlight the song and right click and add to queue or enqueue or whatever its called n save the songs to a file then in limewire hit file add songs from file then find this file and the songs should move into ur itunes library