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How do you get your Sims naked?


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September 13, 2011 4:31AM

you type in nude sims on Google then you go to any website that says nude patch and you can download the sims2 nightlife nude patch.


Akira says:

well there are many ways to do this (on PC ) I created my own by accident I was trying to make big alien clothes on sims PE but then no clothes I was like "What the hell?" but anyway if you really want the naked sims on sims 2 then go on to web sites like sexysims2 and create an account for free and download what ever you want for free I am a computer programer so I know this stuff also for your non sexual sims go to modthesims2 that's also a great site "but I create my own!" also download the seethem2 download its easy to use and works great what it does is removes the censor go on the site and it explains its self just type the names into Google