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It sure sounds like he's feeling overwhelmed. Some guys would want to be "loved", but there are some who just want to keep it trivial and if you've tried to turn up the relationship, he might not feel that it's what he wants. What you wrote is typical break-up talk, spoken in such a way that he HOPES will not lead to a big confrontation. Women are about romance and most men have sex on their minds. It sounds like you could have been moving too fast for him and this is more reason why women shouldn't be so quick to hop into bed with a guy they love. Take time to get to know each other. He sounds like he's in a panic and can't deliver what you want at this time. He's been honest and does want head space to think more about the relationship. Unfortunately he could have met someone else while he was straining to think. Start dating and a "watched pot never boils" meaning if you sit around your home and pine away things aren't going to happen. Get out with friends, have fun and you may just end up meeting someone else. This time don't push so hard and expect too much out of a relationship right away.

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you get him to know he needs you when you leave for a couple days and dont answer his calls and he will worry that when he will know he needs you

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he probably doesn't have anywhere to stay and needs your help.locic is he is using you.

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Why would your boyfriend dump you and tell you that he needs to figure things out for himself?

Your Boyfriend doesn't know which to choose. You. Or someone else..