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Answer Put some good music on, strip music and strip for him, then when you are naked ask him if there would be something he'd like to do to you, and if so what? Tease him a bit, make him long to be beside you. Unless he''s half dead this should work very well.

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How do you turn your best friend into your boyfriend?

get him into bed.

How can you impress your boyfriend in bed?

Put a strap-on...

What do in bed with your boyfriend?

You have sex or make out. If a guy wants to get in bed with you it means he wants t do it

You and your boyfriend and your ex-boyfriend were in bed together?

wow thts messed up

Is it bad to lay with a guy in his bed when the guy is not your boyfriend?

well it depends what you did if he is your friend and there is nothing going on with you two then there is nothing bad about laying with a guy in his bed when he is not your boyfriend :)

How old is kesha's boyfriend?

Hey people out there this is real kesha and my boyfriend is 25 and we had sex in bed.

How can you excite your boyfriend in bed?

Practice Fellatio and swallow.

What is the meaning of giving bed sheet to your boyfriend?

THAT YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't, don't give him bed sheets

How do you know if you're good in bed?

Your boyfriend will tell you, or your girlfriend.

How do you get your boyfriend to chain you to the bed and have hot rough sex?

ask him.

What can you do with your boyfriend in bed?

make love to him kiss him give him a hickey

Did Demi Lovato kiss her boyfriend in bed?

Yes, Google Demi lovato in bed and you'll see alot of pictures.

How do you make your boyfriend happy in bed?

Bring a second girl into the equation.

How do you satisfy your boyfriend in bed?

Do for him what all he want n get satisfied sexually

Why does my ex-boyfriend sometimes still sleep in my bed?


How do you kiss your boyfriend in bed?

The same way you would if you were upright ... on the lips!

What are good dirty names to call your boyfriend in bed?

Call him papi(;

How can you a teenage boy get your teenage boyfriend into bed with you?

Drugs. Lots of drugs.

What is the perfect setting to make lover to your girl friend or boyfriend?

in bed

What does mean to see your boyfriend in bed?

if someone want to see you boyfriend in bed.That means that the girl want to have sexual intercourse with him.

If you are fifteen can you live with your boyfriend and sleep in the same bed?

you can't live with your boyfriend until your 16 unless your parent consent to it and your living with an adult, but im sure you can sleep in the same bed aslong as you dont have sex

You and your boyfriend want to do it where is a good place to do it?

Somewhere safe like at home in bed.

What does it mean when my boyfriend has a dream with 2 of me in his bed?

you are justnot working hard enough

Can girls leave their boyfriend if she know that he is a bed boy or crimnal?

They can but they should be careful with how they do it

How do you get your boyfriend in bed with you if he is shy?

make him feel comfortable and don't rush into anything

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