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How do you get your boyfriend to dump you?



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Well if you don't want to be mean then just kind of ignore him, avoid hanging out with him, just talk as little as possible and he will get bored.

If you don't want to see him any more , then have the courage , and honesty you might expect from him, and tell him yourself. Games can hurt more than honesty.

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Playing games will only hurt you and him and potentially make things FAR WORSE than they have to be.

Ive managed to renew most of my EX relationships into beautiful great FRIENDSHIPS in the future. I did that not playing hurtful games in the end.

DO the right thing. Tell him it isn't working out and it doesnt feel right. You don't hate him but it has to end and then move on. It will hurt but when the emotion clears, and if he is a healthy person, he will be remember you with FOND memories rather than DISGUST.