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so long as the engine hasn't been turned with the cylinders full (or quite full) of water, coz this will blow the head gasket sometimes, and almost definitely with a diesel, DO THIS...

remove the spark plugs (number the leads so you know how to put them back in order!).

turn the engine on the starter for about three full seconds, then leave it alone for about ten (to prevent the coil from overheating because the power for the spark isn't going anywhere and this will break the coil eventually).

repeat this until the cylinders are relatively dry and no more water is spitting out of the spark plug holes.

then with a dry cloth, dry all the sparkplug holes, sparkplugs and leads, making sure you have turned off the ignition, or you may get a shock.

now replace the plugs, and the leads in the original order.

check the oil dipstick, run your finger on the oily part and check if there is water in there, if there is you will have to drain the oil and refill it to the correct level (oil in the sump will lead to a siezed engine!!!)

when you have completed this oil change (or skipped this step coz it was ok) try to start the car.

give the engine full throttle to allow more air through the system to help blow through any remaining water, if it still dosent start use a starting spray like Easy-Start, or a strong Carb cleaner (has lots of solvents in it that burn good) while turning the engine - sprayed directly down the carb . {watch for backfires and never put your face or any other delicate thing over or next to the intake, it could backfire and singe your eyebrows off - safety is key!}

if this dosent do it you may have water in the fuel tank which will have to be drained, and flush the fuel lines out with new petrol to be sure the only thing the engine is getting is petrol.

now it should start! - if it dosent something electrical or electronic has rusted away in the wet or is shorting because of water - sorting this will involve dismantling every electronic device under the bonnet and behind the dashboard and drying them all out bit by bit. oh happy days...

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Q: How do you get your car to start after it stalled from being in high rainwater?
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