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How do you get your child's biological father to sign his parental rights over?

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September 13, 2011 4:28AM

IF Months go by, and you havn't heard anything from the father, they really seem more interested in YOU then your child, don't call or anything on birthdays or Holidays, and personally won't claim the child... its all a mind game,they can't afford child support, and we find ourselves kicking oursleves in the "bum" wondering "Why him as the sperm donor?" If he won't sign over rights, then make sure that he understands that you want NOTHING from him. NOT A DOLLAR. I even told my daughters father that we "just don't and ever did exist anymore." When they are really worried about their paychecks instead of their KIDS its easy.... they sign so fast. SO MAKE IT CLEAR..... when the papers are signed, you have the right to change their name (birth certificate),and they are to NEVER contact you in any way. Unless hes a real loser, it isn't an easy thing for men to do. They have alot of pride, and some do get attached to their children. (If the moms lucky)