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How do you get your children to get their homework done correctly and turned in to the teacher?


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November 07, 2007 6:55AM

I think the most important thing is to encourage good grades as a value for the child to have. Then you help them develop the skills and habits to do the homework and expect them to take responsibility for doing it. Research shows that children who have regular chores at home do better in this area.

At home, you would also set up a consistent time and place to do homework. Be available to offer help and instructions if needed. If they are fussing about doing it, check to be sure they understand the instructions and the work to be done. When it is done, it goes into the folder in the backpack so that it can be turned in the next day. Stale homework that is not done until Sunday can get ugly, so try to have it done Friday night.

Middle school aged boys more often than not seem to have issues with turning the work in. Working through this requires communication and accountability between parent, teacher and child. If the teacher knows there is a problem with this, they will help. You can ask the child to have teachers sign a homework sheet, actively use the homework line and so on.

If the child fails a class, find a tutor for ongoing work and make sure that they get to summer school the following summer to build the skills they need. Besides from keeping them at grade level, it is a lasting consequence that may spur the child to improve their work habits in the future.