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How do you get your crush alone?



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Question~ There's this guy that I like and I know that one of the ways to help get him to like me is to talk to him, but I feel uncomfortable just walking up to him at school and talking to him, because he's always with his friends and he has a lot of them! How do I either get him away from his friends, without being obvious, or get the nerve to talk to him in front of them! Please help me!!!!!!!!!!


OK i went through the same thing what you do is walk behind him tap him on the shoulder and say hey can i talk to you alone for a minute? and if he says yeah then you and him walk the other way and just tell him what ever BUT if he say no then say oh OK and walk the other way that you came and look upset and later if not then he will come to you and ask you what you wanted TRUST ME i know this happened to me and now me and him have been dating since DECEMBER 1, 2009 so almost 9 MONTHS!! I hope this works for you like it worked for me!!


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