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How do you get your crush to notice you?

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August 11, 2013 2:01AM

Walk by him and kinda like make a couphing noise and wait for

him to look up before you leave!!!

Just go up to him and start talking to him about something you

both like!

Talk to some of his friends and theey are bound to talk to him

about you!

Dont forget to flash him that dazzling smile!




Also, don't talk to much about yourself! Ask more questions about

him. Then later ask him if he likes you.

be totaly honest

flash him a smile stare for a couple seconds when you get his

attention slowly look away and smile slowly dont make it obvious

give him a wink bake him cookies give him one and the next day eat

one yourself YOUR APERENCE is a big deal dont look like a scruff

wear nice shoes have your hair tidy but cute at the same time if

you are texting or facebooking send him two xx kisses if he sends

back he dosent find it wierd then do that every time you speak or


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