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So what is the problem with my stupid car with the lights on the dashlight problem?

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โˆ™ 2008-09-10 19:22:51
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Q: How do you get your dash lights to go off when they stay on and the car is off?
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Dash lights go on and off?

i own an 03 concord limited. my dash lights except for the miles and transmission positioning go off. the come on and stay on longer the colder it is what is wrong with this car

Your front side marker lights tail lights and dash lights stay on after the car is off and key is gone?

I have same problem have you figured it out yet?

What make's the interior lights stay on in the dash after the car is turned off?

you didnt specify year, but its time delayed electronically. Assuming they do eventually turn off, all is well. It's 1995 Cadillac Concours the interior lights, and head lights go out when I cut the car off but the dashboard lights stay on.

Why would dash lights stay on when car is off on a 2003 Chevy cavalier?

I have a 2003 chevy cavalier instrument clusterpanel lights stay on with the car off and it crank up and run fine but none of the gauges work after i put a new battery

Why do the interior lights stay on with engine on and while parked on a 1999 Lincoln Town Car?

Try turning them off. This is done with the dimmer control of the dash lights.

Why do head lights stay on when car is off?

There are many reasons why a head light would stay on when car is off. These lights could be automatic.

Why do interior lights stay on when engine is shut off on 2002 Lincoln Continental car?

Why do interior lights stay on when engine is shut off on 2001 Lincoln Continental car?

Why do interior car lights stay on while if off?

Figure it out...

Why does the information display stay lit when you turn off the ignition and lock the car this is a company car and there is no one to ask?

Check the owner's manual first, then the manufacturer's web site. Many cars have a feature that allows the lights (including the dash lights) to stay on long enough to get out of the car and inside your destination before turning themselves off. Many are adjustable if you find out how.

Where is the fuse for dash lights?

depends on the car, most common problem for loss of dash lights are from having the switched turned down too low or off.

Turn off the headlights of your 2005 impala?

pretty much, if your impalas like mine, when you start the car, your headlights will come on, but you should have a little nob to the left of your steering wheel. it should be in the middle, if you pull it out, your lights will stay on, even after turning off your car, if you push it all the way in, your lights will turn off, you can also turn it to adjust brightness of dome lights and dash lights.

Why would the parking lights stay on after the car is put into park and the engine is turned off?

if you leave the parking lights switch "ON" the lights will remain on, even if the car has been turned off.

Park lights stays on after car turn off on my 2001 elantra?

If parking lights stay on after the car is turned off on a 2001 Hyundai Elantra than the brake switch is malfunctioning. The brake switch turns off when pressed in and if it does not work the lights of the vehicle will stay on.

Why want my lights come on in my car?

Could be the dash light switch is turned off.

How do you turn the dome lights the lights underneath the dash when they don't go off after getting out of the car?

check your headlight switch or dash dimmer switch to be sure you do not have them turned on.

Why did car lights originally stay on after the car was turned off?

Most newer models of cars now have a safety design that allows the headlights to stay on for a few minutes before shutting themselves off to allow the occupants to safely get to a door or gate. Also, on many newer model vehicles, if the lights are turned off before the ignition, the lights will stay off. If the lights are turned off after the ignition, the lights stay on to illuminate your way. If the light switch is off and the lights stay on longer than a few minutes, then something is wrong.

What causes the dashboard lights to stay on after car is turned off?

What causes the dashboard light to stay on after your car has been turned off? 1994 Buick Century.

Why are your dash lights on when your lights are off but when you turn on your lights your dash lights turn off?

There is a power or ground wire hooked up backwards. (95%sure)

Why would the head lights of your car remain on after the ignition is switched off?

Hey Humayun==It would help if you stated what kind of car you have. If you have automatic headlights there is a module under the dash that controls them and it is bad. On some cars, the lights stay on until the door is opened. GoodluckJoe

Why do the dash lights on your 2005 Chrysler pacifica stay on with the key off?

Delay if they do not go off after the delay time look for faults in the BCM

Why don't my dash lights or tail lights work on my 2002 Pontiac Grand Am Gt?

your fuse is blown. car manufacturerers make the dash lights go off when the tail light fuse blows so you know it is blown.

1993 Honda Civic hatchback that you believe was stolen with a shaved key you got the car back and now the parking lights brake lights and dash lights stay on even with the engine off What is the cause?

Those systems you mentioned will work normally with the engine off, if you are saying that you cannot shut them off at all then the multi function switch for the lights is faulty or damaged.

Why do your running lights front marker and rear marker and tail lights and dash lights and plate light stay on after the car is off key is out light switch is off 1999 Toyota Corolla ve?

Because the lights were turned on manually instead of letting the automatic headlight illumination circuitry do its own thing. Turn the switch to "OFF" - it's part of the turn indicator arm.

What is wrong when dash board lights come on after car is turned off?

Some cars have as luxury option it gives you some time to get out of the car and see the road (if it's dark around). PS: If lights stay for couple minutes and go off it means that it's suppose to be like that. If it does not go off at all you need to check computer codes.

What would cause your turn signal lights and your stereo lights to blink in sequence and why when the car is off and the break is pushed the dash lights come on?

Most likely poor wiring.