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How do you get your dog to stop growling?


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April 15, 2011 11:14PM

Never hit a dog. The next time you go to pet it they will not know wether you want to hurt it or pet it. The best thing to do is to say in a very low voice no and put in the cage or outside if it doesn't like those things.

Actually, everything previously said is true. Except that you don't stick the dog in his or her cage or outside because then it will be like the hitting ideal. The dog will not know that if you put him or her in the cage or outside if he or she is in trouble. :)


Just expanding on the outside/ cage punishment. The reason you don't want to put them in their kennel or outside if they have done something bad is because, for many dogs, outside is a good thing. They get to play and run and.. well, that's not really a punishment at all. Next time they'll think, well if I growl I get to go play. The reason you don't put them in their kennel is because you never want to make the kennel as bad place for them to be in. Their crate is their spot, it's where they can go if they want to just take a breather. The minute you make the crate a place for punishment is the minute they don't want to be in there on their own anymore and you've taken their safe zone away from them.