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How do you get your ex-boyfriend back if you are the one who messed up?

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Sit him down and talk with him. Tell him that you messed up and will never do it again. I wish you all the luck in the world:)

2006-07-19 00:25:56
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it is up to your long term lover to decide. not you. it is you long term lover's heart and his or her decision. if you really messed up then she's or he's not taken you back. it will be a miracle if you really messed up and he or she takes you back. but don't sit around and do nothing. tell him or her you are sorry and you swear you won't do it again. now if you do it again he or she is not taking you back for sure.

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It is unfortunate that you were cheated on and then he left you but it may be the best for everyone at this time if you parted ways as it seems he is not ready for a committed relationship.

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